How to Build a Stronger Brand with DAM


We hear it over and over: your brand is everything.

Every single customer touchpoint — whether it’s going through your sales cycle, reading your blog, or interacting with your customer service department — shapes how a person perceives your product or service. This perceived reputation is your brand. And no matter what industry you’re in, it’s essential that you uphold this reputation by being consistent and memorable.

Luckily, digital asset management tools are specifically designed to help brands preserve this reputation. From achieving productivity to saving significant amounts of time and money, here’s how to build a stronger brand with DAM.

Achieve Productivity Through Organization

If you think you know how to build a stronger brand, you’re probably overlooking the importance of internal organization.


It’s incredibly challenging to keep an updated inventory of all your marketing and creative materials. However, you’ll only become more disorganized the longer you go without DAM.

Think about it this way: the bigger your organization is, the more images and marketing materials you have. Each of these assets are being re-purposed across social media posts, email blasts, and advertising campaigns. If your team members can’t find the images they need exactly when they need them, they end up wasting valuable time trying to hunt down the right picture.

Implementing a DAM system improves your team’s productivity by keeping everyone on the same page. Just imagine a world in which your employees, partners, press, and other 3rd party stakeholders can self-service their asset needs, without ever having to search through an old email or place a phone call.

Save Money by Protecting Your Brand

Brand inconsistency can have serious financial implications, but many companies don’t take the time to protect their brand.


Imagine you’ve just spent thousands of dollars to launch a a rebrand. Just weeks after your launch, one of your critical partners is using your old logo in a major marketing campaign.

In addition to being frustrating, this causes inconsistency and negatively affects consumer perception of your brand.

To avoid this costly mishap, it’s important to protect your brand by making sure employees, partners, and press have access to the right assets. And in today’s fast-paced world — where new screen sizes and marketing channels seem to be introduced daily — it’s crucial that everyone understands specifically how to use your brand assets.

By using a DAM tool where people can consistently access up-to-date assets and their standardized brand guidelines, you won’t have to worry about people using your brand incorrectly.

Save Time with Simple Sharing

Many marketers are still using email to share important brand assets with partners and press.


Using email to send brand assets is inefficient for many reasons: it’s time-consuming, it leads to brand misuse, and it makes assets difficult to locate later on.

DAM tools alleviate this problem because they are specifically designed to help marketers and creatives share assets. For an optimal sharing experience, it’s smart to use a DAM solution that’s hosted in the cloud.

Using a cloud provider ensures that your users can access assets from anywhere, and it gives you the additional benefit of not having to track multiple versions and file formats.

If you’re sick of sending several emails to identify the file type, size, and format required for that upcoming trade show booth layout, DAM can help. Many tools are equipped with analytics and tracking information, so you can be sure the assets you shared are actually being viewed.

Boost Reputation Through Consistency

What’s the secret to a strong brand? Aside from being organized and efficient, it’s all about being consistent.


Consider this: if you spend a great deal of time and energy creating specific brand messaging for your latest campaign, wouldn’t you want everyone on your team to use that same messaging? Of course! That’s why it’s important that everyone on your team understands how to use each individual piece of collateral.

DAM tools are designed to ensure the correct use of every asset. Whether it’s a matter of what color background your logo should be used on, or what time of year a certain content marketing graphic should be used, it’s critical to define specific usage guidelines for all your assets.

When you define guidelines for all your critical brand elements, you’ll protect your brand’s public perception and boost its long-term value.

How to Build a Stronger Brand with Brandfolder

If you’re looking for one solution to all of these common problems, Brandfolder can help. We provide a visual way to organize all of your important assets, including those closest to your brand, like font files, color palettes, and logos. Our powerfully simple platform is engineered to assist you with the challenges that accompany modern brand management.

Start building a stronger brand today.


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