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How to Use Instagram To Increase Your Personal Brand’s Sales – Personal Branding Blog


Having a well-planned social media strategy is an important part of building your personal brand online. Using the best platforms to their fullest potential is also important for visibility and sales.

Instagram is one of the top social networks today that builds a larger audience and following online, which makes this a must-engage tool for brands. Posting stories, images and videos that your audience will love is just one part of the success formula.

Utilizing the right hashtags and captions for both promoted and organic posts can be very effective in getting your brand noticed, and this involves careful attention to quality and the right message. Here are several ways you can help your business stand out from the rest:

  • Promote your brand – In the mix of your existing posts you take advantage of promoted or sponsored posts right from the Facebook Ads Manager or inside your Instagram account. This is always changes and improving its features as the mobile platform includes as the use of targeted hashtags, enhanced photo filters, audience targeting, ect.
  • Become an affiliate – While your blog is still a great resource to connect with and mention other brand products or services, there is even more potential to increase sales right from your Instagram profile. It’s best to narrow your focus to a niche that is relevant to what you are posting about, include specific hashtags, and add the geo-location of where someone can find what you are mentioning.
  • Bring in sales for your branded products or services – If you happen to have a consulting business, run a counseling agency, have a physical or digital product, or have published an eBook – these items can be sold right from account. It’s a good opportunity to include your sales page or website links as well, especially with the new Shoppable Posts feature. Offering a clear call to action in an image will help bring more attention to your posts.
  • Partner with leaders in your industry – A credible brand on Instagram will open the doors and provide an opportunity to tag and promote influencers. You can create content that drives visitors to their profiles and helps generate more publicity for what they are offering for a set fee. This is all dependent on the number of followers you have, the level of engagement, the type of influencer, and so on.

Use Instagram as a tool to bring more sales to your personal brand as well as a place where people can be directed to your website and other social networks. Take full advantage of all of the various features this platform has to offer such as stories, live video, and promoted posts. There are many tools and apps available to help you create and schedule your content, most of which are free to use. This is one of the best social networks where your brand can show a more personal side and build loyal brand followers.

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