How Rand McNally Achieved a 100% DAM Adoption Rate


When Rand McNally finalized their rebrand a few years ago, Design Director Joerg Metzner knew the company needed a fresh way to store, manage, and showcase their new brand image. “We were mainly looking for a DAM solution for our photo library. I looked at a variety of solutions for our brand assets, and I looked at how we could best disseminate those assets in a way that would ensure that they’re always correct.”

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Metzner’s goal was to find a DAM that was easy to use, beautiful, and wouldn’t require a full-time administrator to keep it running. Of finding Brandfolder, he says, “What really helped, at the time, was the cost and ease of just turning Brandfolder on and, boom, it’s ready to go. There wasn’t a big setup and that was a plus. With a lot of other systems, you need someone to install a million things. Just the simplicity of the platform, everyone got that right away.”

Metzner was able to make an easy case for Brandfolder to his execs. It was the rest of his team that would need to be convinced of the benefits of switching to Brandfolder from their long-used FTP server. Metzner explains, “Everyone was on that server, so it was hard to locate specific assets for specific projects. There were folders set up to push PR, sales, etc. too, but these folders were difficult to access and you had to dial in. Many times, it was impossible to find what you needed.”

So how did Metzner convince his organization to make the switch, and how did he achieve that elusive 100% user adoption rate? His strategy is outlined in the Rand McNally case study, available for free download below!

Find out how he achieved a 100% DAM adoption rate, how he made the case to execs for increasing asset storage budgets, and how they’re using Brandfolder to house their new brand assets.

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