#1 for Customer Satisfaction! Brandfolder Holds on to Top Spot


We’re thrilled to announce that Brandfolder maintained highest marks for customer satisfaction in G2 Crowd’s Spring 2017 ranking of digital asset management (DAM) software. We’ve held this spot for the last several reports, and it means a lot to us. The scores are decided based on customer reviews, which means we’re getting great feedback from the people who use and matter most to us.

Along with snagging a top spot for customer satisfaction, Brandfolder was also named an overall “High Performer” in the DAM space. We ranked well for quality of support, ease of use, and ease of setup — all of which factored into that high customer satisfaction rating. Our most popular features were user, role, and access management, as well as our image capabilities. And 97% of our customers really love our interface, something we take a lot of pride in because, as a platform used by marketers and creatives, we think it’s important to look the part.

Here’s a little more of what our users had to say about the Brandfolder platform:

“They helped us identify a taxonomy that worked for our business, and the set-up and roll-out was super quick – about a month. The product is not overly complex – in fact it’s fairly simple, but it fit well with our requirements of needing a simple DAM with just the right mix of features but not so weighty it would take forever to learn or use.”
“Our brand has been very fragmented and therefore diluted for quite some time. Brandfolder is allowing us to take the reigns back and begin the hard work to transform our brand, starting with the way we visually represent the organization. The platform is also allowing us make some organizational process improvements that were much needed.”
“The best thing about Brandfolder is that it allows you to combine your style guide and the actual asset files all in one, easy to use and share place. It is also easier to use than just a shared asset folder a company might use in dropbox or google, because it is visual and customizable to your specific brand needs.”
“What I like best about Brandfolder is having easy access to dozens of client’s assets in my back pocket.”

Thanks to everyone who left kind and constructive feedback for us in this round of reviews. You make us better and we’re endlessly appreciative for it. Not yet a Brandfolder customer but interested in learning more? We’d love to talk to you about what makes us tick and how we can improve your brand. Get in touch with us here!

Want to learn more about the state of digital asset management? Check out our latest report here.

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