Create Automatic Workflows with Zapier for Brandfolder


Have you ever wished that files in your Box account would automatically appear in Brandfolder – no downloading or uploading required? Or wanted to create Custom Fields on Brandfolder assets from data in a Google Sheet? 

Now, it’s possible! Our Zapier integration lets you connect Brandfolder to everyday cloud-based apps like Box, Basecamp, and Dropbox, among many others.

By automating the creation of assets and attachments in Brandfolder, Zapier eliminates tedious tasks in your workday to help you be more productive.

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How Zapier for Brandfolder Works

Zapier integrations are powered by “Zaps” – workflows made up of triggers and actions. Triggers wait for a certain event to occur in your app, then they tell a certain action (involving Brandfolder) to occur.

Setting up workflows in Zapier is easy. For example, let’s say you create a trigger for when an asset is uploaded to a specific Box file.

As you’ll see below, the first step is choosing which Brandfolder you’d like to add assets to. Then, you’ll choose which Box file you want to send assets from.

Selecting Brandfolder

Ways to Use Zapier for Brandfolder

No matter which cloud storage solutions your team prefers to use, there are many ways to connect Brandfolder to your apps, including the ability to:

  • Add Google Drive files to Brandfolder as soon as they’re created
  • Automatically send assets to Brandfolder when they’ve been placed in a specific Box or Dropbox folder
  • Create a unique email address to upload assets to a specific section in your Brandfolder, straight from your inbox
  • Send Basecamp files to Brandfolder immediately after they’ve been approved by a certain person
  • Create asset Custom Fields from rows in a Google Sheet
  • Send notifications on uploads or changes in your Brandfolder to a Slack channel

To start using this exciting integration, install the Zap today!

And, as always, we’re eager to hear your feedback. Send us an email at support@brandfolder.com to let us know what you think!

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