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15 Online-Based Careers You Can Start Right Now – Personal Branding Blog


The rise and integration of the internet into the modern world has opened up so many job opportunities that we are quickly saying goodbye to traditional ways of working. Nowadays, you can start a full-time career from your laptop in your local coffee shop. It’s amazing.

But what kind of careers can you get into, and is there anything to suit you? Let’s find out as  we explore the top 15 online careers you can get started with right now.

1.   Graphic Designer

Demand is huge for web and graphic designers because there are so many people moving onto the internet for all sorts of reasons, whether they are starting their own ventures, or working for a business and need promotional content.

2.   Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants have taken the world by storm. This role is basically the same as any other office assistant, but you do it from anywhere in the world. Common tasks include organising meetings, replying to emails, answering phone calls, and setting appointments. Start small with a single client and work your way up to more.

3.    SEO Consulting

SEO is a massive industry because every website and business wants to get to the top of the Google search engine results page in order to get what they’re offering in front of the eyes of their customers. If you know your way around SEO, businesses and websites will pay a lot of money to have you optimise their site and content to boost their rankings.

4.    Start Your Own Blog

Starting your own blog has become a very popular pastime, and while it can take a while to grow, persistence and consistent posting is the best way to grow an audience. Once you start reaching a nice volume of people, you can start making serious money through selling ad space and affiliate marketing.

5.   Business Coaching

If you have a specialist skill in a certain field of the world and have knowledge that other people want, you can coach them. Whether you are holding webinars, creating online courses, holding one-on-one sessions, or all of the above, online coaching has never been more popular than it is today.

6.   Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is big business. By building up a website publication, blog, or social media page, you can advertise products to your audience. Your audience makes a sale, and you get a commission. It’s as simple as that.

7.   Social Media Marketing

Hand in hand with the point above, growing a social media audience by creating content and growing over time will create sales opportunities that will allow you to market products to your audience and sell ad-space in your content. There is the potential here to earn thousands of dollars per post.

8.   Content Creator

If you have a knack for creating any kind of content, whether you’re writing articles and blog posts, taking photos, editing images and videos, or creating social media posts, creating and publishing content is big business, and there’s never been a better time to join the industry.

9.   Create Online Courses

Hand in hand with coaching, make your own online course about something you know. You can really get creative with online courses these days, so you can present it any way you want!

10.  Managing Social Media

Businesses pay big money to have their social media accounts managed by someone who knows what they’re doing, so if you know what you’re doing when it comes to managing a social page, or several pages at once, you can easily make a full-time career out of these skills.

11.  Own an eCommerce Store

With platforms like eBay and Shopify, starting your own online store is easy. All you need to do is find products to buy, whether you are buying them from wholesalers or other stores, or creating your own products, sell them to anyone across the world in as little time as a few clicks. Just find your own niche!

12.  Start a Podcast

Just like starting your own blog or website, you could start your own podcast. Find your niche and what subject you want to talk about, get some people together or get guests on to have a chat, be consistent, and watch your audience grow over time!

13.  Online Tech Support

There are countless small businesses who are outsourcing their tech support tasks because it’s too expensive to hire their own full-time staff. If you know your way around a computer and network and can help, there’s money to be made here.

14.  Take Online Surveys

Perhaps the most common and easiest pastime to get into is taking online surveys. You can earn a bit of money, but you’d have to do a lot to make a full-time career out of it. However, if you choose the right surveys, there’s definitely money to be made.

15.  Test Websites

We’ve spoken a lot about people starting websites and growing their businesses online, but these websites need to be tested before they go public to ensure there’s nothing wrong with them. If you have a critical and keen eye for detail, this job could be perfect for you.


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