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5 Types of Beer Logos That Will Make You Say “Cheers!”


Check out the competition: Examine your competitors to identify successful trends and gain inspiration to kickstart your creative flow.

Decide which kind of brand you are: Many beer brands inject lots of humor into their logo, while others portray themselves as a serious, professional brewery. Be sure to stay true to who you are and what your brand message is.

Don’t forget where your logo will be placed: Your logo will most likely be used on round surfaces, like bottles and cans, or even blown up and put on a barrel. So, make sure that your logo is easy to see and read, and won’t become distorted on a curved surface.

Make sure the tone matches your target audience: Does the vibe of your logo match up with who your audience is? Are you targeting young, hip customers, or more mature folk? If you have specific personas in mind, be sure to refine your logo to resonate with them.

Don’t shy away from experimenting: Lots of companies change their logos. Sometimes it’s because design trends change; sometimes it’s because their audiences change. When you’re creating your first logo, it’s the perfect time to try new ideas, such as color schemes you would typically ignore, or fonts that you would never consider. 

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