MacKenzie Scott May No Longer Have a Partner in Philanthropy –


Ms. Scott made her announcements in long posts on Medium that listed the names of organizations that received billions of dollars cumulatively.

Last month, Ms. Scott gave two homes in Beverly Hills, valued at a combined $55 million, to the California Community Foundation. The foundation’s affordable housing grant-making functions will receive 90 percent of the value of the properties. Mr. Jewett’s name, which had been in recent gift announcements, was nowhere in the news release.

The Health Forward Foundation in Kansas City, Mo., announced on Tuesday that it had received a $15 million gift from Ms. Scott. The Episcopal Health Foundation in Houston also recently announced that it had received a $20 million grant from Ms. Scott. Neither announcement mentioned Mr. Jewett.

Mr. Jewett taught at the Lakeside School, the prestigious Seattle private school attended by the Bezos children, where he was popular among students and fellow teachers alike.

“He’s earnest, not very edgy,” said Angela Loihl, who spent nearly a month in 2014 with Mr. Jewett and a friend driving in a small-motored car from London to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Ms. Loihl recalled how their mutual friend had told her years later, after he married Ms. Scott, “He’s the perfect person to end up with this money to give away — no sense of greed at all.”

The 2021 news of their marriage took even Mr. Jewett’s friends and colleagues by surprise — producing a whirlwind of news coverage far beyond his expectations, as reporters even appeared on the Lakeside campus. Though he finished the term there, Mr. Jewett felt his presence on campus was a distraction.

His new wife had become arguably the most influential philanthropist in the world with an approach that emphasized huge grants — often the largest single gift a group had received — with no strings attached.

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