Revealing My Investment Checklist ($THO Stock Example) –


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Time stamps:
0:00 – My investing checklist
2:07 – Buying US stocks from NZ
2:55 – Checklist overview
3:40 – Part 1: Meaning/Understanding the business
7:18 – Part 2: Moat
9:48 – Part 3: Management
13:17 – Part 4: Margin of Safety/Intrinsic value
16:30 – Part 5: Final checks
19:33 – Final thoughts

Enjoy 🙂

I am not a financial adviser. This video is for education and entertainment purposes only. Seek professional help before making any investment decision

Disclaimer (Hatch):
This video is sponsored by Hatch. The views and opinions expressed in this video are the creator’s own and not necessarily the views or opinions of Hatch. This is not financial advice.


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