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Andersen RnD (FinTech) presents: Global Research Leader in Banking and Financial Markets at IBM Consulting, the Institute for Business Value, advisor, and entrepreneur Paolo Sironi. The interviewer is Denis Astapchenia – Director of FinTech at Andersen.

The main topic of this interview is digital transformation in the economy and the main trends in the financial sector.
How can the introduction of digital platforms change the future of the FinTech market and the banking industry?
What are Contextual Banking and Conscious Banking? Why can these platform models outperform linear businesses?
What is the key difference between output economies and outcome economies?
What direction should FinTech start-ups move to be successful and competitive today?
What mechanisms will improve the protection of personal data in the future?
How can the introduction of biometric technologies and emotional artificial neural networks change the future of FinTech and banking?

This interview will be useful not only for company directors, FinTech entrepreneurs, and bank employees but also for everyone who keep a close eye on global trends in the development of the economy.

Andersen FinTech domain:
Denis Astapchenia on LinkedIn:

00:00 Preview
01:05 Next business travel plans
04:05 Ad
04:34 Career journey and business takeaways
06:49 Ways to overcome the economic crisis
10:10 Business development advices for FinTech startups
12:32 Difference between “output economies” and “outcome economies”
15:24 Which investments will bring the greatest profit?
19:17 Information asymmetry underlies the successful solution of financial services digitalization problem
24:30 Platform business models
26:55 Contextual Banking and Conscious Banking
30:22 Transformation of banking institutions and main investment areas
34:34 Examples of “Contextual Banking” and “Conscious Banking”
37:37 Keys to the future of banking: Trust, Openness, Advice
41:36 Problems of business adaptation to the platform model
46:01 Cybersecurity systems
49:53 Biometric technologies in Banking
53:38 Emotional neural networks and other trends in banking informatization
1:02:18 Banks of the future
1:03:26 Inspirational FinTech success stories
1:04:17 Book recommendations


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