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University of York School of Business and Society present this online talk with Dr Jason Miklian, a Senior Researcher at the Centre for Development and Environment, University of Oslo.

After a decade of parabolic expansion, the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) movement has reached an inflection point. Just as most larger firms have incorporated ESG principles, a backlash has exploded. While this might be catnip to managers intimidated by the challenges to ESG adoption, advice to pull back on ESG (see The Economist) rings hollow in a world where shareholders, employees and the public all demand that businesses can no longer pretend that they operate outside our interconnected social world.

How can firms deliver measurably positive social impact and profit while avoiding the growing minefields around social and political corporate action? Lessons from Business and Peace (BaP) scholarship can offer a way forward. BaP scholars have long studied firms succeeding or failing in the world’s most complex and complicated social environments, where the impact of corporate social decisions are amplified. In this lecture, I contextualize BaP findings from the past decade to provide a roadmap for how firms can overcome challenges that they face with ESG today to deliver more effective social impact and more inclusive positive growth.

Jason Miklian, Ph.D., is a Senior Researcher at the Centre for Development and Environment, University of Oslo. Miklian has published over 70 academic and policy works on issues of conflict, business and crisis, based on extensive fieldwork in Bangladesh, Colombia, India, and the Congo. He serves on the United Nations Expert Panel on Business and Human Rights, has won several awards for his academic publications, and serves as an expert resource for various government knowledge banks in the US, UK, EU and Norway. Miklian has also written for or been cited in an expert capacity by the New York Times, BBC, Financial Times, The Economist, Washington Post, France 24, The Guardian, The Hindu (India) and NPR.


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