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What is today’s charismatic leader like: They are enablers — energetic, spirited, gutsy, feisty, and maybe a little bit of an ass-kicker.

Research shows…

-They excite their staff by constantly introducing new ideas.

-Have a creative ability that inspires others.

-Bring energy and focus to implementing new ideas.

-Change with the time at breakneck speed.

-Consider all situations with one eye always looking toward the future.

-They speed up processes and produce a competitive advantage. They enable people, they don’t manage people.

A charismatic leader gets millennial followers as well as Gen X and even Boomers.

Whether it’s called spunk, or magnetism, or presence, we look for that special something in someone who has that substance as well as style.


Debra Benton is the co-author along with Kylie Wright-Ford of the new book The Leadership Mind Switch (McGraw-Hill, 2017)

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