7 Examples of Bold Logo Typography


Whether you choose a typeface that appears playful, quirky, elegant, traditional or modern, the most important thing is that your font reinforces your brand’s core values. To kickstart your typography inspiration, here are seven brands that use bold, brave logo typography to strengthen their brand persona with bold.

1) The Verge

Font: ITC Serif Gothic

The Verge uses a stylized, retro-inspired serif to stand out from other modern media outlets. The thick, strong font helps reinforce their position as a reliable source for cutting edge tech, art and culture news.

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2) Kona Brewing Co.

Font: Aktuelle

This Hawaiian Brewery uses a casual, yet refined logo typography to convey the quality of their product. This tidy type compliments the more laid back font used in the main logo.

the-type-fight blog140305-1the-type-fight blog140305-1

3) The New Yorker

Font: NY Irvin

This historic magazine uses a clean font that is simultaneously quirky and simple. This balance entices readers into The New Yorker’s award-winning content without creating any distractions.

the-type-fight blog140305-1the-type-fight blog140305-1

4) Au Bon Pain

Font: Futura Black

This cafe chain’s stenciled logo font succeeds on two fronts. Not only does it catch consumers’ attention in an ever-growing fast-casual restaurant industry, but the bold, sturdy feel implies the trust and resilience of a recognizable brand.

the-type-fight blog140305-1the-type-fight blog140305-1

5) Trader Joe’s

Font: Road Jester

This grocery chain is known for the playful fonts that adorn its unique package designs. While the Trader Joe’s logo is custom made, Road Jester is a close interpretation of their fun and creative lettering.

the-type-fight blog140305-1the-type-fight blog140305-1

6) Austin City Limits

Font: Skin & Bones

This retro type has been used in the Austin City Limits logo Since 1971, helping to reinforce the tradition and heritage of the longest running music series in American television.

the-type-fight blog140305-1the-type-fight blog140305-1

7) Last.fm

Font: National

This music recommendation site uses a thin, modern logo typography. The emphasis on the A and S creates a fluid shape that implies consistency and continuance.

the-type-fight blog140305-1the-type-fight blog140305-1

From restaurants and grocery stores to music festivals and media outlets, it’s clear that typography plays an integral role in how the world perceives your brand. For more inspiration on crafting a stellar logo and reinforcing your brand values, check out these 6 Famous Logos With Great Color Schemes.

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