2 New Ways to Improve Your Workflow With Brandfolder


Here at Brandfolder, we believe that brand management should be easy and efficient. That’s why we’re so excited to announce two new features to help you improve your workflow: downloadable color palettes and exportable event feeds!

Read on to find out how you can download your brand’s color palette right into Adobe design software and export your Brandfolder’s event to a CSV file.

Downloadable Color Palettes

Downloadable color palettes make it easy for designers to create accurate, on-brand designs in Adobe design software and wherever they use CSS. Without having to request, send, or individually add specific brand colors, both brand managers and designers can save time and get back to doing work that matters.

How to Download a Color Palette:

  1. Inside a Brandfolder, head to the colors sections and select any number of colors you’d like to work with.


  1. Select Download from the Bulk Actions menu. Then, check the directory on your local machine where downloaded files export. You should see a .ASE and .CSS file within the colors subdirectory.


  1. Selected colors will appear in your Adobe program as so:


Voila! Wasn’t that easy?

Export Event Feed

Our exportable event feed makes it possible for brand managers to gain a comprehensive understanding of how their brand is being used.

Admins of enhanced and enterprise Brandfolders can export a detailed CSV report of their event feed to see when, where and how people are using their brand assets.

How to export an event feed:

  1. Within the Brandfolder of which you are an Admin, select the Admin button and choose Analytics & Events.


  1. Select the Download All Events (CSV) link.


  1. Finally, open your downloaded file in Excel, Google Sheets or another program of your choice.

__Event Feed Export Tips: __

Action will tell you which type of action took place within the asset.

Eventable Type will tell you which type of artifact prompted the event to occur. Such events include:

  • Asset
  • Attachment
  • Brand
  • Invitation
  • Link
  • UserPermission
  • Subscription


  • Eventable Type = Brand and Action = Show will show you all views your Brandfolder has received.
  • Eventable Type = Attachment and Action = Show will show you all downloads of an asset’s attachment.
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