7 Iconic Brands to Celebrate with


Perhaps you’re planning an epic reenactment of Harold and Kumar’s trip to White Castle, or you’re going solo on the couch with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and last week’s Game of Thrones.

No matter how you celebrate your love of sugary, greasy, bad-for-you food, here’s a list of 7 delicious junk food brands to get you through this year’s National Junk Food Day.

1. In-N-Out


For many a West Coast native, the sight of In-N-Out’s crossed palm tree logo evokes a sense of instant joy. This cheeseburger and milkshake chain sticks to the basics so they can focus on high-quality offerings.

Their not-so-secret menu and small geographic reach has earned them a solid cult following across the handful of western states in which they exist. Heading there tonight? Order your burger and fries “Animal Style” to load up your food with an extra caloric boost.

2. Ben and Jerry’s


What kind of junk food list would this be without a decent ode to Ben and Jerry’s? This brand’s hippie vibes, liberal values and eccentric product names have helped it become one of the largest ice cream brands in the world.

Whether you’re a Grateful Dead fanatic or Phish is your jam band of choice, you can indulge in flavors like Hazed and Confused, Cherry Garcia and Phish Food.

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3. Sonic


What’s better than a fast food drive-through? A fast food drive-in! Sonic is loved for its roller skating carhops and is one of a handful of fast food joints who help the “servers on wheels” fad live on. What began as a root beer stand is now a nationwide go-to for favorites like coneys and breakfast burritos.

Got kids? Sonic has a great menu for the little ones. Load up the minivan and take the tots for some chili cheese tots to fulfill your junk food fix.

4. Munchies


Are you reaching for some Cheetos today? Put your paws down. Frito-Lay combined Doritos, Cheetos, Pretzels and Sun Chips in one cheesy, celebratory bag!

This fromage mélange is just meant to be placed in a silver bowl, so it’s the perfect accompaniment to the National Junk Food Day party that you’re having tonight (with yourself).

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5. White Castle


White Castle is often referred to as the first fast food company in America. Their sliders inspired a bite-sized burger revolution, and in 2014 they were named the most influential burger by Time.

If you can’t make it this National Junk Food Day, take your sweetheart to White Castle next Valentine’s Day for their annual candlelit dinner. Otherwise, grab yourself a Crave Case with some Mac and Cheese Nibblers and finish it all off in a place where no one can judge you.

6. Famous Amos


We love Wally Amos for his heartfelt backstory and his delicious cookies. Amos fell in love with cooking at a young age and eventually ended up altering his aunt’s recipe to develop his own soon-to-be-famous one. When the cookie entrepreneur worked at William Morris Agency just after college, he invited talent like Simon and Garfunkel into the office by sending them cookies.

Whether it’s the vanilla extract or the Ambrosia chocolate chips, something in Wally’s favorite recipe keeps us sticking our hand back in the (family-sized) bag for more.

7. Dunkaroos


We’ve saved the best for last! Thanks to Betty Crocker, happy millennials everywhere have been blessed with the memory of dunking cinnamon cookies into vanilla sprinkled frosting.

The Dunkaroos mascot is a friendly cookie-crazed kangaroo creatively named “Dunk.” Unfortunately this snack has been discontinued in the US, but it’s still possible to buy Dunkaroos in Canada. If Canada isn’t quite convenient, you can always resort to Amazon.

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