Buzzingo! Brandfolder Product Team Triumphs Hackathon with Digital Bingo


Last week, the Brandfolder dev team checked out of our office and into Develop Denver, a two-day conference that, “brings together creative minds in the design and development community to learn from each other, with panels covering a variety of topics, from Development, Design, UX, Strategy and more.”

The event features the “Ballmer Peak Hackathon,” after Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer, coined on the premise that coders have the ability to do what they do best at blood alcohol levels between 0.129% and 0.138%. If you aren’t familiar, Ballmer was rumored to like a good party buzz, seemingly all the time.

At the Hackathon, individuals and teams were asked to hack on a particular topic over a period of 3 continuous hours. At the end, they presented what they had built. According to our co-founder, Paul Arterburn, this year’s hackathon needed to be, “related to Big Data, with bonus points given for using buzzwords that recruiters use.”

At the conclusion of the hackathon, participants submitted their finished results which were judged on creativity, design, presentation, and functionality. The Brandfolder Dev Team left victorious by impressing with their app, Buzzingo!


Enter Buzzingo!

Built to leverage the Twitter API, Buzzingo requires a user to enter 24 buzzwords and one identifier. To present their winning idea, the team entered 24 buzzwords related to the conference (words like BigData, RubyOnRails, and Gamification) with the conference hashtag, #dvlpdnvr as their identifier. They put the board up on the big screen and asked the audience to start tweeting. As tweets matched buzzwords, the squares lit up in real-time until the entire board was lights out. Buzzingo!

If you wanted to actually play Buzzingo!, you could grab a few friends and agree on a set of buzzwords relating to a live event, like the Bachelorette finale or the Super Bowl. Each person’s board would render the buzzwords in different locations and you could watch in real-time to see who hit Buzzingo! first. For all those non-scripted romance or non-sports fans out there, it could be a great alternative to actually watching the show!

Smart Minds

Regardless of the type of bingo you’re interested in, we wanted to congratulate our rock-star Brandfolder dev team on winning first place at the Hackathon. Whether they’re rigging up speakers to play “Money, Money, Money” when we sell an onsite transaction; or developing a light-based system to help us understand when it’s okay to play ping pong; or continuing to make Brandfolder an amazing digital asset management tool, they never cease to amaze us. And just like Bingo is a form of lottery, it’s safe to say we hit the jackpot with them.

If you think you have what it takes to join amazing dev team, check out our open positions.

Jenay Sellers runs Digital Marketing at Brandfolder, the simplest way to store, share and manage brand assets. As a Marketer and self-taught website designer, she understands the importance of digital asset management tools and solutions. When she’s not encouraging others to check out Brandfolder, she enjoys cooking Blue Apron meals, playing golf, and curating Spotify’s best new music.

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