How This 27 Year-Old Grosses $480,000/Year From Real Estate Investment –


Real estate investing is a proven way to build wealth, but it can be an intimidating industry to enter. The truth is, though, you don’t need a ton of money or experience to get started. Mike Andes explains how to get started in real estate investing for beginners in this video.

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Regular UpFlip viewers know Mike better for his landscaping business, Augusta Lawn Care. Mike was investing in real estate before he started his business, especially impressive when you realize he’s only now in his mid-twenties. He currently makes an average of $40,000 every month off of his twenty-three units, and that income is completely passive.

Today, Mike shares his real-world insights on how to invest in real estate. You’ll find out how much money you really need to get started and what types of real estate are the best to invest in as a beginner.

He’ll also share where he finds the properties he invests in, what he looks for to know whether it’s a smart investment, and what to do with the properties after you’ve invested to turn them into passive income streams.

Mike is living proof that you don’t need to be a real estate or business expert to invest in property. In fact, he bought his first property when he was still a teenager.

Whatever stage of your life or career you’re in, Mike’s real estate investment strategies can help you increase your earning potential to meet your business or personal goals. If you like this interview with Mike, make sure to check out some of our other interviews in the real estate niche:

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00:00 – Intro
00:42 – Why You Should Get Into Real Estate
01:47 – Advice for First-Time Buyers
03:00 – Your Options for Investing
04:56 – How Property Benefits Your Business
06:33 – Let’s Talk About Rising Interest Rates
08:19 – Mike’s End Goal for Properties
10:09 – How To Find Good Home Deals
12:09 – Zillow SECRETS
16:00 – Finding a Good Team
17:27 – How Mike Afforded His 1st Property
19:43 – Passive vs. Hands On Investments
20:48 – Checking Out House Comparables
22:51 – Avoiding Common Mistakes
24:55 – Investing as a Group vs. Individually
26:14 – Mike’s Best Investment
27:37 – Tiny Home Plans
29:34 – Negotiation Tips and Tricks
30:27 – Where You Should Buy Property
32:01 – Blitz Time with Mike
33:39 – Keys Signs You Should Invest
35:07 – Advantages of Investing in Real Estate
36:08 – keys to Building Wealth
37:16 – Tour of the Tiny Home
38:41 – How To Know if Investing is For You
39:36 – Tips for Good ROIs
41:57 – Systems and Processes
42:50 – Why Mike Doesn’t Flip Houses
44:27 – The Real Estate Mindset To Have
45:54 – What Entry Level Investors Should Do
46:48 – The BEST Real Estate Niche
47:50 – Advice for Business Owners and Investors

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