The Real Threat to US’ Security is Right at its Border –


Mexico is for the US, the most strategic country in the world. Though we are used to thinking of America as one of the most strategically blessed countries, the 2000 miles long frontier dividing it from Mexico is one of its most critical regions for its security. And that is because safe land borders allow for US power projection over the world.
However there is a small war happening now south of the US border, one that can be a potential geopolitical threat to America.
The Mexico-US border is a porous – vulnerable one making it hard to control and even harder to police.

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Table of content:

00:00 The Threat at the US-Mexico Border
02:40 Mexico’s Geography
05:52 Why the Cartels are the US nearest threat
08:26 Cartels are like the Talibans
11:13 Triangulo Dorado
13:21 Why the US should cooperate more with Mexico

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