Google Employee Who Played Key Role in Protest of Contract With Israel Quits –


Ms. Koren said she went on disability leave for depression, anxiety and burnout in July 2021. During her leave, anti-Nimbus organizing intensified, with a public petition, another for Google employees and a campaign supported by two outside, nonprofit groups.

Two weeks before her disability leave was set to end, Ms. Koren sat for a televised interview with MSNBC to discuss the protests against Nimbus.

She returned to work in November, she said, and was told that she had three weeks to make a decision about moving to Brazil.

She found a lawyer and filed a complaint with Google’s human resources department, claiming retaliation. Google said it would investigate, which delayed the move. She also filed a retaliation complaint with the N.L.R.B., which dismissed the case for insufficient evidence. Ms. Koren said Google had not allowed the board to speak with her manager, while the company said the planned move had been purely a business decision.

In February, she went on another disability leave, and never returned to work. During her leave, more than 700 of her colleagues signed a petition saying that Google had unjustly retaliated against Ms. Koren. Roughly 25,000 people signed a public version of the same petition.

In March, the day before The Los Angeles Times published an article about her retaliation claim, Ms. Koren said, she received an email from Google’s human resources department, saying that it was aware she had taken her concerns to a public forum and that she should instead meet with the department. Google told the newspaper that it had found no evidence of retaliation before it told Ms. Koren, she said.

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