Business Valuation with Mark Zyla

Agenda Day 1
I. Introduction and Overview of Valuation

A. The Need for Valuation Expertise
B. Valuation Concepts
C. Valuation in the Current Economic Environment
1. Valuation Uncertainty
2. Valuation Considerations
3. Issues with Cost of Capital
D. Trends in Valuation
II. Fair Value Measurements and Concepts

A. Overview of Fair Value
B. Fair Value Quality Initiative
C. Mandatory Performance Framework
D. Fair Value Measurements under IFRS and U.S. GAAP
III. The Nature of Goodwill and Intangible Assets

A. Brief History of Intangible Assets
B. Economic Basis of Intangible Assets
C. Identification of Intangibles
D. Intangible Assets and Economic Risk
E. Internally Generated Intangible Assets and Valuation
F. Nature of Goodwill
G. Goodwill- Impairment or Amortization

IV. International Valuation Standards (IVS)

A. International Valuation Standards Council
B. Development of International Valuation Standards
C. Importance of IVS to the Profession
Agenda Day 2
V. The Impact of Environmental, Social and Governmental (ESG) focus on Valuations

A. ESG basics
B. Measuring the impact of ESG in Business Valuation
C. ESG Valuation Case Study
VI. Valuation of Complex Debt Instruments

A. Complex Debt Instruments Basics
B. Valuation Methodologies
C. Debt Instruments Valuation Case Studies
VII. Valuation of Inventory

A. Nature of Inventory in Business Valuation
B. Recent Guidance on Valuation
C. Inventory Valuation Case Study

VIII. Cross Border Valuations and Summary Remarks

A. Currency
B. Cost of Capital
C. Remaining Issues
C. Closing Remarks


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