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Todd Ringler became Partner of The Alternative Board TAB Suffolk-Long Island in 2019. Prior to becoming partner, Todd facilitated and coached a business owner TAB Board as well as an attorney-only TAB Board.

Todd is also CEO of Calm Waters Consulting, a business valuation and appraisal firm. Todd is a CPA and a Certified Valuation Analyst with a Master’s Degree in Taxation. The State of New York Unified Court System has qualified him as an expert in Accounting & Appraisal work under Article 36 Office of Court Administration.
Todd brings the unique perspective of real-world experience as a business owner and former executive chef owner-operator of a successful 120 seat restaurant. Additionally, his extensive required continuing academic education and professional training gives him insights and ideas beyond the textbook world. This rare combination of training and education allows Todd to bring a vast knowledge base and broad experience in support of his clients and TAB members.

Todd has developed and implemented both personal and organizational strategic plans, improving both business value and the lives of people in the businesses he served. He has done this for wholesale, retail, entertainment, service and manufacturing entities, both with public companies and closely held businesses.
As a former Adjunct Professor of Management and Leadership in the Graduate School of Business at Dowling College in Oakdale, and an Adjunct Professor of Business and Accounting at Nassau Community College he gives back to the community and helps individuals learn basic tenets of business and accounting.
When working in public accounting some of his clients included A&E Television Networks, Bowne Business Systems, Inc., British Airways, Inc., Connoisseur Communications, Club Med USA, Giorgio Armani USA, Inc. & The Lauder Family Group.

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