Vincents Chartered Accountants Business Valuations July 2014 –

2014 07 22

This session will provide you with a solid understanding of the key issues that we are experiencing in calculating value in the current environment, the reasonableness checks that should be employed and an alternative approach that we are finding assists in high conflict matters.

It is ultimately designed for those with a beginner / intermediate knowledge of the topic or those who require a refresher course.

Questions to be answered throughout the webinar include:
• What is value?
• Business valuations – art or science?
• Is there more than one value?
• Should the value last week = value next week?
• Does goodwill = reputation, clients, etc?
• Does profitability mean goodwill exists?
• What are the alternative methodologies ?

John Thynne, Director – Forensic
Peter Haley, Director – Forensic


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