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If you live in the USA there are many days that freedom is taken for granted.

We have the freedom to:

  • Change jobs at will
  • Move to a new city
  • Speak our minds

How does freedom help you stand out in your career?

As I have been writing this post for going on five years I’ve looked back at some of my past posts and I’ve realized that one of the biggest advantages we have in the USA is freedom.

But, that freedom is never free.

For example, being a lifelong learner takes time and effort. Both of which are not free. Even though they might seem to be very free when we are younger. The older we get the more we value (or should value) our time.

Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.
~ George Washington Carver

Here are a few posts (of the 250+ posts I’ve written here) that highlight a little bit of the reason why you have the Freedom to Stand Out in Your Career.

This one “freedom” is the freedom to seek an education. No one can tell you that you cannot learn something. Even in the most dire situations you can always be learning. Any place with internet access has a vast array of learning tools at your fingertips — whether in a book or on a computer.

You can always go … Old Skool Analog

Truth be told … Libraries are amazing places. They have these bound paper documents that you <gasp> read and hold in your hands.(often they have computers too)

These freedoms are minor in comparison to what the people that serve our military and our other government agencies do for us every day. But, these are freedoms that almost every citizen of the US can enjoy. But, they are not free. There is a fee. There is a toll. There is a tax.

  • Your Fee is your Attention.
  • Your Fee is your Time.
  • Your Fee is your Sharing (what you have learned)

For those that are standing out in their careers you already know this. For those that want to stand out in their careers please take this advice under advisement and get busy with your non-free freedoms. And, remember … share what you know. When you can share what you know you give what is perhaps the greatest gift of all.

Go our and enjoy the Freedom to Stand Out in Your Career.

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