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Having an active blog for your personal brand is an important marketing tool in which your brand can build a strong reputation and attract more leads and sales. The type of blog is essential for reaching the right target market effectively.

There are two types of blogs that can work for your brand depending on the needs of your audience, and your niche. These are either personal or business. Knowing which one to build on will enable you to know more of what to write about, and develop your content marketing strategy. Here are several ways to discover which one is right for you:

  • The human to human approach – Personal blogs are more popular than ever online, especially with leading influencers. This not only creates more trust for your personal brand, but also helps your audience relate to you on their level. Having that face-to-face interaction helps create a brand personality that they can become familiar with.
  • The business information approach – If your company is more about providing a product or service then this style of blog can work well for you as you inform your community. The education and valuable content is a great opportunity to give them what they need and establish long-term customers.
  • High visibility – Each type of blog needs to include an good opt-in in order to attract interested subscribers. You could set up a free video, report, eBook, ect. that they can download first. Once they have said yes this is the starting point to nurturing your audience and growing through word-of-mouth.
  • Become the trusted source – Create a series of how-to articles and/or videos with email announcements to build authority. These types of blog posts are well received by readers, especially as it answers their questions and meets their needs. After a while they will see you as a go-to brand, especially as you offer regular incentives for them.

Start to see your personal brand’s blog as a relationship building tool that will keep your community growing and active. Connect with other leaders in your niche and provide a mix of content such as webinars, live videos on Facebook, infographics, slideshows, ect. in order to maintain your readers’ interest.

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