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Any business, no matter how big or small depends on its marketing ability and advertising. You can have the greatest product, but it’s worthless if people do not know how to find your business. The necessity of brand recognition and expansion plays a major role in successful advertising.

The most successful marketing plans and strategies involve two methods: The creation or re-invention of a brand, or the further development of a pre-existing brand.

The Necessity of Branding in Business

As a business owner, it’s important to understand the specific importance of branding and its place within your company’s marketing effort. Your professional brand should serve as a recognizable expression of your organization, product or service, which pulls consumer attention to your business.

A well-established brand supports the sales and marketing activities you choose to implement, reinforcing the presence of your business, its products and its services with as much simplicity and ease as possible. In short:

  • Branding = Strategic Marketing


  • Marketing = Tactical Business

Connecting Business Brands With Mobile Advertising

Understanding the importance of branding within your businesses marketing strategy underlines the increasing use of mobile advertising in metropolitan areas. Mobile billboards are not new — any casual movie fan remembers the scene in Al Pacino’s “Scarface” when Tony Montana looks up into the night sky and sees “The World Is Yours” scroll across the side of a blimp.

As time marches on, technology continues to advance and the sale of commercial vans grows, the aesthetic of exterior ads have surpassed blimp advertisements and billboards and now includes branded personal vehicles.

The Best Tactics and Strategies

Vehicle signage comes in many different forms, including magnetic signage and vinyl wrapping.

A vinyl wrap can cover a specific portion of your vehicle or the entire thing. Either way, a single wrap can generate anywhere from 30,000 to 80,000 views per day, per vehicle, depending on where it’s driven. This means in terms of reach, value, ROI and other benefits previously reported, vehicle wraps can be a cost-efficient and long-lasting part of an integrated marketing strategy.

Meanwhile, the magnetic marketing sign may serve certain businesses better. More economically affordable, the magnetic sign serves small business branding tactics well. These signs can be added, removed or maneuvered from one position to another in seconds while being just as visibly attractive and impressionable as their vinyl counterparts.

The Value of Mobile Advertising and Vehicle Branding

The mobile billboard goes on the side of a truck or trailer, or it can be an attachment for a motorcycle or bicycle. Branded vehicles are an extension of this advertising form — your business’ brand, logo or company slogan is added to a company car or vehicle for visual advertising purposes. While a mobile billboard can attract attention, a branded vehicle serves as a steadier device for brand recognition. In fact, the technique of vehicle wrapping makes it possible to turn any car or transport vehicle into a mobile branding device.

A branded vehicle announces the presence of your business as well as its services or products wherever the driver goes, extending the marketing of your company into the activity of daily life. Also, the locations where your branded vehicle frequents can create immediate awareness of your business, connecting it to your community and the populous.

The addition of a company brand onto a vehicle increases its return on investment — ROI — value toward your business. The average driver spends 30 days of every year behind the wheel, meaning that inside a heavy commutable area a branded vehicle will be seen by at least 3,000 people per hour. On the highway, 91% of drivers notice the advertising plastered on the side of commercial trucks, while 35% take the time to study the ad closely.

With the advent of self-driving technology, the advantage of car brand decals and mobile advertising will only increase. Cars will essentially become mobile devices like smartphones and business tablets.

Whether you are thinking of adding your business brand onto a standard car, commercial van or truck, this is a form of advertising that’s worth investing in.

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