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Social media is the main form of communication for brands and their audiences. People use their networks to leave feedback, search for information, make a purchase, and share what they had found with others. Twitter is still at the top of the social engagement list, and there are several ways you can use their Moments feature to create more visibility.

You can quickly build your brand by selecting up to ten great tweets, .Gifs, and videos. Here are several ways this can be a benefit for your brand:

  • Captures a mobile audience – Use this feature to showcase promoted tweets, engage in conversation, build brand momentum and extend a marketing campaign. As you announce your Twitter Moment you can generate more retweets on your existing content.
  • Tells a brand story – Moments can be a great narrative when they are clear with a beginning, middle and an end. Eye catching images in your presentation that fit well into your story will get the most attention..
  • Encourages users to swipe through – People are looking for stories that capture their interest based on emotions. When each tweet adds value they will be compelled to go all the way through your story to find out more. Choose a mix of text, images, and interactive images for the best results.
  • Extends your promoted tweets – Your brand can attract a whole new audience not yet reached through your campaigns by putting your promoted tweets into a specific Moment. Show an event recap, new product release, special promotion, ect.

The goal for your personal brand is to attract more followers who can be converted into customers. By taking advantage of Twitter Moments with a focused and people-centered approach you will create an interested audience and more retweets of your content.

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