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After our last post we weren’t sure what to think of this stunt, and now we’ve got a pretty good idea of what they’re up to in Sunnyville.

Sometimes there are a few companies that do things that get the public’s attention. They can be for good reasons and bad, and can last 15 seconds, a couple of days, or until the company goes bankrupt.

This is one of those times.

Arguably Yahoo! is fighting to stay alive in this incredibly crowded space of news, search and content. Over the last decade they’ve been assaulted by Google, Bing and everyone inbetween. But Marissa Mayer, President & CEO (and former Googler), has made a lot of changes at Yahoo!  and they are showing higher profits despite lower revenues.

So our thought is that Yahoo! is using this opportunity to show off two things – their poor decision-making skills and their savvy PR skills. Seriously, a logo project that lasts 30 days (Officially stated the “Yahoo! 30 days of change”) is about 29 days longer than any logo project (as far as we know it isn’t a full rebrand) should be announced and talked about. But they are doing a great job at PR, and it seems that the entire month has been one big focus group. What better way than to make sure you at least have consensus on a direction since you can’t make a decision yourself? Seriously Yahoo! 30 days of logos?

As you can see below (logos inserted using our api widget!), some of the proposed logos couldn’t have possibly been a serious prospect for a multi-billion dollar brand. However, there were a few gems, and as a recent article in Adweek stated, “Yahoo has not said whether No. 30 will be one of the previous 29, or a completely new mark.” So I guess we’ll see tonight at midnight EST which one, or a new one that they’ve chosen… we are hoping it will be the one chosen by 99designs.com in their contest (which was another smart PR play by piggy-backing on Yahoo!)

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Comment below and let us know your thoughts on the logos, issues at hand and/or if you think it’ll ultimately help the Yahoo! brand.

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