Why An Agency Chose to Use Brandfolder for the National Children’s Alliance


The following guest post is written by Cori Streetman, Co-Founder and Principal with Barefoot PR (Public Relations Consultant to National Children’s Alliance). Barefoot PR has been a long-time supporter of Brandfolder as an agency account bringing better organization to their client’s brand and marketing materials.

Having worked with National Children’s Alliance for the last few years, I have become very accustomed to the needs of the organization’s nearly 800 member organizations across the country. As the membership association and accrediting body for Children’s Advocacy Centers, National Children’s Alliance provides its members a variety of benefits, including funding, professional training, development, and technical assistance, as well as advocacy and legislative assistance.

In addition to the benefits that directly impact the day-to-day services and funding of National Children’s Alliance membership, the organization also provides assistance in public awareness for the overall Children’s Advocacy Center movement, and thus the individual organizations. To help each member organization join the unified voice that has become the Children’s Advocacy Center movement, National Children’s Alliance has developed a number of resources to support local public awareness campaigns and brand identities. Over the years, the sharing of these resources has been challenging as files and formats for customizable collateral pieces are difficult to circulate to a large group of recipients without jeopardizing the quality. We also struggled to find a system that could protect the privacy of these resources, which are only available to members.

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We have seen an increase in interest from the member organizations to utilize these valuable resources that are now far easier to access than ever before!

In came Brandfolder: In the fall of 2013, we worked closely with National Children’s Alliance and Brandfolder to transfer all public awareness campaign and branding resources available to National Children’s Alliance members to Brandfolder. And we officially introduced the new system to the nearly 800 member organizations in November 2013. The transition has been incredibly smooth – and we have seen an increase in interest from the member organizations to utilize these valuable resources that are now far easier to access than ever before!

As the ongoing technical assistance consultant to National Children’s Alliance membership when it comes to public awareness, branding, and public relations, I am grateful to Brandfolder for working so closely with us to launch this application – and even more grateful to have this system available to us moving forward! We have already recommended the Brandfolder system to a number of our other clients, large and small, and will continue to do so in the future!

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