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Use the Latest Content Marketing Techniques for Your Brand Next Year – Personal Branding Blog


Staying up to date with your personal brand’s content strategy is an important in order to effectively reach an ever-changing audience online. The type of content that is published will either attract or turn away readers on your blog and on social media.

There are several ways the right content can work for your brand in the new year, which can bring more website visitors with the potential to be converted into sales. Knowing the latest trends and needs of your audience enables your business to know what topics to write about, and encourages word-of-mouth marketing.

Building the right content marketing strategy involves research, strong visuals, a mobile marketing plan, and consistent flow of good information. Here are several ways your articles can be more successful in 2018:

  • Choose a variety of content – Include informational or storytelling videos that are both live and prerecorded, infographics that are informative and interactive, podcasts, free reports, eBooks, etc. Throughout the year put on a giveaway or provide high value information for free such as a Facebook Live video that will encourage your community to want to know more and spread the word on your brand.
  • Build stronger relationships – Interacting in the various social media groups can help expand your reach. People have pressing questions that need to be answered from a trusted source. LinkedIn is a good place to network, publish, and interact with your connections. Use offline techniques such as consulting, speaking events, publishing opportunities, etc.
  • Advertise on social media Over the last couple of years social networks have expanded more offerings for brands and business to create ad campaigns geared toward targeted prospects. Organic growth has been steadily declining, which makes purchasing ads an important component of content marketing in today’s online world.
  • Keep up with email marketing Personalized videos or tantalizing offers in your messages can help keep your audience engaged and interested in what your brand has to offer. This could include exclusive access, webinars, eBooks, ect. Email marketing for your brand helps you reach your community in a personal way that provides something of high value while compelling them to share this with others.

Publishing a fresh variety content throughout the month on a consistent basis will keep your personal brand on top. This next year mobile and interactive content will continue to expand with the increasing demand for original information that solves problems. Videos, podcasts, and live hosting events that speak to your community will especially be an important element to element, as well as paid advertising in addition to your organic content marketing strategy.

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