How do you find a company’s logo for your blog post?


There is a need to standardize how we share and distribute timely marketing collateral. 

Think about the last time you wrote a blog post and mentioned another company, business, or individual. Somewhere in that process, you might have realized you needed the company’s logo, a headshot of the person you were writing about, or maybe you were unsure how to properly name their startup – was it AwesomeStartup? Awesomestartup? Or maybe awesomestart.up?

You needed to email someone to ask. Maybe you knew right away who to email, or maybe you had to go on LinkedIn to find the marketing manager because lord knows you don’t want to pester the CEO to find out what the name of their company actually is.

After 20 minutes of tracking down the right person and their email address, you ask for whatever assets you need. But they’re busy with other things, and now the only thing holding you back is waiting for the person from the other organization to get back to you. So you wait.

A few hours later (if you’re lucky) you get an email. They’ve attached the logo, but it’s a .jpeg and not the right size, you really need the vector format. You email them again. You wait an hour or so again.

But the person you emailed for whatever reason only has the .jpeg version, so they have to email someone else in their company in order to get the vector formatted one. They’ve also recently gone through some revisions, so the first one they get is the wrong version, so they have to email the other person AGAIN to get the right one and then run it by their VP of Marketing just to make sure before they send it out.

7 hours after you finished writing your post, you get an email with an attachment that’s named something like “awesomestartup_logo_v4_JNedits_USETHISONE.jpg.” Finally, you’ve got the last piece to put into your blog and you can hit publish.

Now, imagine for a moment that you had exactly what you needed at your fingertips without having to send or wait for responses to any emails. You can be 100% certain that the version you have is the right one. Any good marketer wants to use the right version of the logo, one that looks good and no one will ask you to change 5 minutes after the post goes live. It’s in a file you can quickly access, saved in multiple sizes, formats, and color schemes, so you can pick exactly what you need.

This is where we come in.  

We created Brandfolder as a solution for easily sharing marketing assets. Now companies, brands, and individuals can upload exactly the logos, images, quotes, statements, and other collateral that they want others to use and share. It’s always current and always accessible, on-demand.

The standardization problem is ensuring instant access to assets for brands, any time. The solution is Brandfolder.

Sign up for your free Brandfolder today.

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