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Why You Should Think About Google Featured Snippets Again for Your Brand – Personal Branding Blog


Recently Google announced an update of its Featured Snippets for both desktop and mobile search. This provides a personal brand’s website an opportunity to appear in top results with answers to the most pressing questions online. Answers are displayed in a descriptive box in several different formats, including video.

How is this important for your business website?

According to Google the rise of mobile and voice search has caused the search engine to update their format for better viewing of search results that go beyond just “10 blue links.” Users can now see a visual of the information they are looking for right away.

The goal of today’s brand is still to build something of value, and create a great experience for their audience. It’s important to create high quality content that engages a community. There are a few steps you can take to turn your brand’s website into a helpful resource for visitors to come back to again and again.

  • Focus on the common issue for your audience – What are the main pain points and questions being asked by your target market? You can discover this information through social media, responses on your blog, and through live videos and webinars.
  • Make sure your answers are clear and direct – When optimizing your content be sure to provide the exact answer people and search engines are looking for. This can be included in your blog posts, pages, and in the form of questions and answers on an FAQ page.
  • Include the right keywords – Through target market research find out which keywords are most commonly appearing in search queries and include these throughout your website. Take a look at what the competition is using as well and the number of results for each word.

As a personal brand you will want to configure your content and website according to the latest technology with a focus on the most common devices people are using to gather information and make purchases. As search engines continue to evolve keep in mind that so does the elements of basic text in search results. Today’s visitor is drawn to visuals and clear, quick answers to their questions.

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