9 Branding Podcasts to Listen to Right Now


Podcasting is officially on fire. According to The Washington Post, Apple podcasts exceeded 1 billion downloads last year and monthly podcast listeners tripled to 75 million per month (up from 25 million five years ago).

As the podcast industry has grown, so has the variety of the content. From home brewing tips to the latest celebrity gossip, there’s a podcast for every industry–and branding is no exception. Whether you want to be entertained or educated on the latest in digital marketing, here are nine branding podcasts you need to listen to right now.

  1. The Growth Show


In The Growth Show, HubSpot CMO Mike Volpe sits down with an expert who has experienced remarkable growth in their industry. Whether you want to grow your business, an idea or a revolution, The Growth Show offers candid and insightful interviews that uncover takeaways to fuel your own growth.

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  1. Brand Fast Trackers


Brand Fast Trackers is a weekly podcast focused on helping you become a better marketer. Host Brian Martin features industry professionals who not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk–they all work on some of the world’s biggest brands. Whether you work in advertising, media or marketing, this podcast will give you the information you need to build your brand and sell more products.

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  1. The BeanCast


With more than 75,000 unique members, The BeanCast is one of the most popular marketing podcasts on the air. Host Bob Knorpp is a veteran in the industry–he’s a marketing strategy and execution adjunct professor at New York University, founder of the Ad Age podcast and the director of a marketing consultancy, The Cool Beans Group.

Each Week Knorpp covers the latest industry news and chats with leaders in marketing, advertising, interactive and public relations. The conversations are thoughtful, entertaining and to the point, which is refreshing in such a noisy space.

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  1. The Engaging Brand


The Engaging Brand skips industry clichés and marketing speak and gets straight to the point. Host Anna Farmery shows true passion for the art of engagement and she asks thoughtful questions that extract unique insights from marketing leaders. Instead of getting tactical takeaways, listeners can learn how to engage people on a personal and emotional level, which is one of the most crucial parts of marketing.

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  1. AdVerve Screen-Shot-2016-01-28-at-51152-PM-1200x602

Bill Green from “Make the Logo Bigger” and Angela Natividad of “AdRants” joined forces and took their signature (and somewhat NSFW) style to the air in the AdVerve podcast. Each week features a loose and unscripted look at life through the advertising lens, as well as the occasional guest. Listeners can expect a fresh and honest perspective, even if it’s a little bit brutal at times.

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  1. Six Pixels of Seperation


In this digital world, we are no longer connected by six degrees of separation–it’s more like six pixels of separation. Mitch Joel unravels the complexities of new marketing and social media in the Six Pixels of Separation podcast. He covers topics like personal branding, entrepreneurship and digital marketing in an entertaining, instructive way that leaves listeners feeling empowered to make strategic business moves without the support of traditional mass media.

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  1. Content Warfare Podcast Screen-Shot-2016-01-28-at-51152-PM-1200x602

Content Warfare Podcast features some of the most innovative content creators and uncovers their secrets to winning the battle for attention online. Host Ryan Hanley doesn’t deliver any fluff–he consistently delivers concrete and actionable takeaways. From writing to podcasting to audience building, find out how you can stand out in a sea of brands with content creation.

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  1. Marketing Over Coffee Screen-Shot-2016-01-28-at-51152-PM-1200x602

Marketing Over Coffee is a weekly discussion of what’s new in marketing with John Wall and Christopher Penn, two of the best minds in marketing. The two record their show from a local coffee shop and cover topics like SEO optimization, email marketing, copywriting and social media. In 20 minute, bite-sized segments, John and Chris offer practical and relevant tips, tactics and techniques “you can only get out of a casual conversation outside of the office.” This is a must-listen for anyone who wants to keep up with the latest trends in online marketing.

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  1. I Love Marketing


I Love Marketing nurtures a community of marketing enthusiasts who want to keep innovating and learning. No marketing topic is off the table and hosts Joe Polish and Dean Jackson tackle direct mail, lead conversion, psychology, productivity and everything in between. I Love Marketing has legions of fans, including entrepreneurs and start-ups that are craving actionable marketing strategies. This podcast, which has new episodes on Mondays, will provide a great jumpstart to every marketer’s week.

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