How Vermont Hard Cider Manages 7 Brands With Brandfolder


Brand organization at Vermont Hard Cider Company just got a lot sweeter.

The popular beverage company is now using Brandfolder on a company wide level, meaning they have a much more efficient way to organize, update and share assets for brands like Woodchuck, Magners, and Wyder’s.

We sat down with Vermont Hard Cider to learn more about the company’s challenges in digital asset management and how they use Brandfolder to strengthen its 7 brands.

Cheray MacFarland, Marketing Operations Manager for Vermont Hard Cider Company, explains why Brandfolder was the right choice for their company. “We chose Brandfolder because we are able to host all assets for seven different brands on one clean, easy-to-use site.”

Before they began using Brandfolder, the marketing team at Vermont Hard Cider Company did not have a strong platform for managing brand assets.

“We were using an outdated software previous to signing on with Brandfolder. The interface was not very appealing and it wasn’t user-friendly.”

By adopting an easy-to-use platform, the rapidly growing company can promptly share updated marketing materials and sales collateral with employees and wholesalers.

“Saving time is definitely a huge benefit for us. The upload process is easy and manageable, especially for multiple users.”

With Brandfolder as a dedicated brand asset management tool, Vermont Hard Cider now has time to focus on strengthening the power and reach of each brand.

Want to learn more?

Read our Case Study to learn about how Vermont Hard Cider:

  • Provides hundreds of users with customized access to multiple brands
  • Locates updated assets in seconds with extensive search capabilities
  • Ensures their brand assets are used properly, every single time


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