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With the growing popularity of social media messaging Facebook has once again become a good source for brands to reach their customers in a whole new way. When Messenger first launched it was more of a personal communication tool. Today it can be used to reach an audience through advertising and now programmed bots.

Many businesses rely on their Facebook as a place to attract new leads, drive traffic to their websites, and to handle customers service. By tapping into its mobile platform you can attract new sales and improve your online relationships.

Is it possible to increase your reach on Facebook with the help of optimized bot technology? With the right focus and strategy you can reach more people for your brand.

A simple selling strategy is not difficult to achieve if your business has the right offer and message.

How to Reach New and Existing Customers with Facebook Messenger

Here are several ways your personal brand should leverage your sales on Facebook:

  • Discover who your audience is – Bots, which are a part of artificial intelligence technology, are intuitive, and allow you to find out what the needs of your audience are through precise communication tailored to each individual. Facebook’s Discover feature allows customers to see exactly which business they have interacted with, and will even remind them to come back.
  • Create specific topics – Take advantage of the category search feature, which is organized by topic and refreshed on a regular basis. As your brand focuses on specific topics your business will experience targeted results when someone is conducting a search.
  • Make the buying experience simple – Messenger bots can you can give your leads and customers a very specific set of parameters that eliminates the need to go to another website to accomplish a task such as making a purchase. They should be able to place an order right from a business on Facebook without ever having to leave their messaging service.
  • Attract a wider mobile audience – As your business establishes a marketing plan online you should be including this newer technology in order to reach more people. Sales, searches, including voice search, and customer service is done less on a computer and more on a smart device. Now is the time to set up your strategy as people look to smart and easy solutions.

While a Facebook Messenger bots are still a fairly new concept for marketing, your personal brand can greatly benefit from this technology by getting ready now. Over time this will become a popular platform for customers to connect with their favorite brands in a one-stop-shop way.

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