7 Intoxicatingly Beautiful Package Design Examples


We’ve all heard the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover.” This is a great philosophy – but when it comes to package design, we’re making an exception!

The truth is, people really do develop opinions about products based on package design. And when it comes to beer and wine, today’s designers have gotten extremely creative (and competitive!) with bottle design.

The good news is that if you’re thinking about revamping your packaging, there’s an endless amount of inspiration out in the world. Since you probably love packaging as much as we do, here’s a roundup of 7 boozy, beautiful package design examples from around the world.

1. Vocation Brewery


This brewery prides itself on producing punchy and distinctive beers, so it only makes sense their packaging boasts intricate illustrations and details. Contrasting the colorful beer names against a delicate black and white background helps reflect the bold, yet nuanced balance of each flavor.

2. Across The Vineyard Wines


This is one summer wine collection that’s sure to beautify any dinner party. These French wines from Across the Vineyard are awash in white – an unconventional approach to wine bottling. Each flavor stands out with its own color and sleek design element.

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3. Talas Beer


This beer gets its name from the Norwegian term for “speak soon,” an ode to the design’s ability to generate conversation and cultivate community. Each bottle is wrapped in local newspaper and accompanied by intriguing brass letter-shaped bottle openers to help reinforce this message.

4. Moonlight Upon the Helan Mountain Wines


This popular Chinese wine is inspired by the region that these delicious grapes hail from – the majestic Helan Mountains. The package design imitates how the night sky appears while the moon climbs up the mountains. As an added visual bonus, the sky behind the mountains appears a different color for each flavor.

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5. Creature Comforts IPA


This design leverages bright, summery colors and minimalist design elements to take canned beer to a whole new level. This flavor is one in a series of three designs, all of which are the result of a creative collaboration between brewers and illustrators.

6. Infinite Monkey Theorem: Blind Watchmaker


While this offbeat urban winery is known for its unconventionally canned wine, we’re especially in awe of their bottle design. The gold accents on this old world-inspired label evoke the winery’s eclectic personality, which is both elegant and eccentric.

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7. Patswerk: You Rock!


By adorning bottles with playful handmade graphics, Patswerk gave this home-brewed beer a creative comic book vibe. These one-of-a-kind flavors are accompanied by a matching box, which can be given as a gift or artfully displayed.

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