5 Misleading DAM Myths Busted


Consider this: a few months after a popular beverage company completes a major rebrand, an important logo goes missing. That logo is needed to meet a strict deadline, so the marketing team spends the rest of the day searching through emails to find that lost asset, falling behind on projects and wasting precious time.

A DAM would solve this problem, so what’s stopping this brand from implementing one? Due to a number of myths circulating the digital sphere, many organizations refrain from adopting a DAM.

To help set the record straight and show you the true value of a DAM, here’s a list of 5 common DAM myths and the untold truths behind them.

Myth 1: All DAM systems are difficult to implement.

Truth: DAM systems can be time consuming to adopt, but they don’t have to be. In fact, new DAM systems only take about three days to implement. Since cloud-based solutions can be accessed from any location at any time, the bulk of the work is completed once you upload your brand’s assets for the first time.

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Myth 2: It’s impossible to measure the ROI of a DAM.

Truth: If time equals money, then how much money does your marketing team waste by spending hours searching for digital assets? DAM software increases an organization’s efficiency, and there’s inherent value in that fact alone. After saving time, reducing frustration, and increasing productivity, the initial cost of a DAM pays for itself many times over.

Myth 3: DAMs are too expensive for the average organization to implement.

Truth: Having to replace lost assets costs an average of $1,000 – now that’s expensive. Just like any other essential business software, DAM systems are an investment. Here at Brandfolder, we’ve made our product easy to customize, meaning that our clients can get all the features they need while staying in their price range.

Myth 4: Your brand has too many digital assets and isn’t suited for a DAM

Truth: DAM systems specialize in handling massive amounts of data. Moreover, DAM isn’t just a matter of how many files you need to host – that’s what traditional cloud storage solutions are for. Rather, digital asset management software is about how you organize your assets in order to make your work life more efficient.

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Myth 5: DAM systems require extensive upkeep and IT support.

Truth: Today’s most innovative DAM systems actually reduce IT costs. How? Cloud-based DAM solutions are designed with the user in mind, meaning that DAM managers can use these systems autonomously. We strive to keep Brandfolder’s interface uncluttered and intuitive so that it’s simple for all types of people to learn, regardless of their experience or technology background.

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