Why DAM Belongs in the Cloud


I remember when I first heard about the cloud: I was working for an enterprise software company that sold on-premise technology for SharePoint. We spent a large majority of our time trying to come up with messaging to help our customers understand why they should avoid the cloud at all costs.

After all, we were selling the opposite of cloud computing. And we didn’t know it then, but cloud-based solutions were about to become a complete disruptor.

As a result, we had to completely change our entire business model.

Fast forward three years and we’ve seen a dramatic shift in the market. Cloud computing is the new way to work, and if you’re not working in the cloud, you’re missing out on its many benefits.

In today’s Modern DAM post, I’m helping you understand how on-premise and hybrid alternatives aren’t fully leveraging the cloud-based technology of the future.

Adaptable to Your Needs

Cloud-based solutions offer an immense amount of flexibility. They can scale immediately, growing or reducing to meet your business’s needs.

Leveraging a cloud-based DAM also greatly reduces the burden on your internal IT department. They no longer have to manage physical hardware, fight to allocate precious space on internal servers, or worry about ongoing maintenance and upgrades.

Instead of spending time and resources on solution management, Brandfolder is able to rapidly build and deploy new features so you can spend more time growing your business.


Collaborate from Anywhere on Any Device

In addition to having a more robust solution with less burden on your IT department, cloud-based DAMs provide better collaboration and more access than those traditionally installed on-premise.

Complicated multi-step VPN logins are a thing of the past. By hosting your DAM in the cloud, you can be sure the right internal and external employees have access to exactly what they need. Brandfolder’s DAM is also fully responsive, meaning you’ll have a consistent experience, no matter what device or screen size you’re using.

Security you can Trust

Hardware is expensive. By leveraging the cloud, you’re able to free up budget and resources to focus on tasks that will propel your business forward.

Ten years ago, enterprise companies had entire teams and rooms dedicated to the management of their digital infrastructure. Server rooms had fans in them to keep them cool, IT Directors were running around with pagers to be notified of latency issues or outages.

Fortunately most of these flashbacks are exactly that: visions of the past.

Making a Move

So you understand the benefits of the cloud — but what if your current provider is installed on-premise? Or you’re taking a hybrid approach? Or you aren’t even sure where to start?

Every business has different needs, and cloud-first won’t always work for certain use cases.

But if you look at a similar technology, content management systems (CMS) used to be 100% on-premise. Today, an overwhelming majority of them are in the cloud. DAMs are quickly starting to follow suit with a large majority of the older players rearchitecting their solutions for the cloud.

At the end of the day, it’s important to make sure you find the right solution for your business. If a system that scales, provides easy access, and offers better security is appealing to you, I’d encourage you to check out Brandfolder.

We just released a new eBook, A User-Friendly Guide to Digital Asset Management that can help you better understand the cloud vs on-premise debate in more detail.

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