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Kylie Wright-Ford and I researched what good leaders are like for our book, The Leadership Mind Switch (McGraw-Hill, 2017).  Through observing hundreds of outstanding leaders, we learned that they generally tend to be more:

  • »  Personally accountable
  • »  Informed and curious about the wider world
  • »  Committed to both their job and the job of the whole organization
  • »  Emotionally stable
  • »  Positive in a negative situation

They also have:

  • »  A combo of competencies, traits, experiences, roles, personality inclinations, and values that ts the needs of their organization
  • »  An understanding that they must maintain morale, engage stakeholders, and remain trusted
  • »  The ability to get a group of high-powered individuals to cooperatively interact with one mind, one heart, and one voice.
  • »  A willingness to engage
  • »  A comfort with ambiguity
  • »  An ethno-cultural empathy
  • »  The capability to easily relate across generations
  • »  Cognitive flexibility and openness
  • »  Varied interests beyond the office
  • »  Willingness to show their true self when the environment allows for it
  • »  Solid relationships with their work partners, especially their executive assistants
  • »  A mindset where success is considered a derivative of not only their own efforts, but also the efforts of those around them

That’s a pretty good checklist to reflect on your own leadership style.

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