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In today’s Modern DAM blog post we’re taking a deeper dive into how the architecture of Brandfolder’s product is guided and inspired by the creative community.

As mentioned in our previous Modern DAM post, we’re on a constant quest to be the most simple, user-friendly DAM on earth. In this pursuit we’ve also found a great passion for understanding the needs of our user base, which is comprised of the world’s most talented designers, brand managers and creative directors.

Whether they’re sharing logos or managing a rebrand, we’re committed to building a DAM for creatives that solve our users’ problems and make their teams stronger and more efficient than ever before.

Creatively Driven

Instead of overcomplicating our tool, we focus on building out features that add value and make it easier for creative and marketing teams to accomplish important tasks. All of Brandfolder’s product decisions are made from a creative place as opposed to a technical one.

Our in-house creative team oversees the UI/UX of our tool in addition to assisting with the validation of our roadmap. This helps us provide the most important features you need, right when you need them.

Other DAM solutions offer features that are difficult to understand, or lack a purpose all together. And when it comes to brand management software, more features doesn’t always mean a better product.

Your Best Brand

Brandfolder was designed to provide a beautiful, elegant home for every brand on earth.

We know how much effort and dedication it takes to design a logo, choose a color, or create a custom font. That’s why we provide a product that showcases each of your brand assets in an intuitive, elegant format.

For example, brands can customize their brandfolder with a brand theme, which includes a header image and a branded color bar. We also offer a branded login option, which helps guests and visitors know they’re in the right place when logging into your Brandfolder.

Easy Implementation

What’s worse than purchasing a complicated piece of software? Having to learn that software and teach every single employee how to use it.

While this time-consuming, frustrating implementation process accompanies typical DAM solutions, we’re ready to change that standard. Our product is so intuitive that first-time users can learn how to use it and get everything they need – without help from anyone else.

While other tools may take weeks or months to implement, we guarantee that you’ll be able to implement Brandfolder into your organization in just a matter of days. We’ve even seen creative professionals configure Brandfolder by themselves in a matter of hours! It’s just that easy.

Strong Brands

When people feel confident using a DAM product, they are empowered with efficiency. And when each member of a team can accomplish their work more quickly, the entire organization becomes more successful. At Brandfolder, we believe that an efficient brand is a strong brand.

If you’re ready to empower your creative team with the most simple, elegant and creatively-driven DAM on the market, get started with Brandfolder today.

Michelle Polizzi is the Content Coordinator at Brandfolder, a user-friendly tool for brand asset management. When she’s not busy creating content, you can find her bicycling around Denver or catching a live concert. She’d love to connect with you on LinkedIn.

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