A DAM Implementation Strategy That Wins


Implementing a new DAM software sounds daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Here at Brandfolder, we pride ourselves on crafting a product that is easy and enjoyable to adopt.

We’re able to provide this experience by curating a custom implementation process for every client. We want to ensure that each customer gets the most value from their Brandfolder as quickly as possible.

Today’s Modern DAM post explores Brandfolder’s implementation strategy, which includes a look at how we’re poised to make your DAM rollout 110% successful.

Getting Started: Choosing the Right Tools

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Before we begin discussing DAM implementation, it’s important to quickly review the process for selecting a DAM platform in the first place. Buyers should understand that the people and processes accompanying the product are just as important as the tools themselves.

First, you should select the right tool for your organization. Because we know this is no easy task, we’ve put together an awesome Buyer’s Guide that can take you through the steps of selecting the right DAM. Some important considerations include the type of deployment and subscription model offered.

Once you’ve selected the technology you need, you’ll have time to focus on the people and the processes which will make your DAM implementation successful.

Understanding Your Needs

Purchasing the right piece of software just isn’t enough.

Marketing teams need to identify the leaders and stakeholders most important to their implementation process so they can get involved early in the process.

Our customer success team helps you navigate the inherent challenges associated with change. We’re committed to building a lasting partnership with you, and we’ll do everything we can to guide you through the process of articulating value to key stakeholders and gaining their buy-in.

Most importantly, we follow-through to deliver value early, and we stay connected with you to make sure you’re happy every step of the way.

New Technology Should be Easy

We’re proud to share that most of our clients — even large enterprises — are able to implement Brandfolder in just a matter of hours and days, instead of weeks and months.

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We’re even more delighted when we hear feedback that the experience of creating a Brandfolder is, “Extremely easy! So much easier than our last platform,” or “Super easy and intuitive.” A client last week shared he was having fun setting up his Brandfolder because our platform, “is a joy to use!”

We want to make sure that every single customer feels this way, no matter their age, expertise, or level of experience.

A Hands-On Team That “Gets You”

At Brandfolder, our Customer Experience team is standing by, ready to guide you.

Our Enterprise onboarding experience was designed to allow a hands-on implementation — one that’s custom-fit, tailored and styled to your liking.

This helps us provide strategic one-on-one support to ensure your Brandfolder is organized and optimized to meet your needs.

In conclusion, successful DAM is far more than a simple technology decision. Brandfolder is poised to help your DAM initiatives be successful from the very beginning.

If you’re interested in learning more about how our digital asset management solution can help your organization save money and increase efficiency, I encourage you to get a Brandfolder quote today.

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