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How to Make Innovations at Work? – Personal Branding Blog


Everybody likes to come up with exciting ideas and want to turn them into real life projects. However, innovation is risky and there are factors beyond our control such as bureaucracy. Maybe, the bosses want to keep the company safe and will not be open to innovation as much as you want them to be. In this situation, it is important not to lose your enthusiasm and start implementing the tips below.

  • Innovate Your Meetings: If you want to make faster and more effective meetings, try stand-up meetings. The entire meeting changes, when you stand-up. It takes much less time to complete the meeting while standing-up and you take real action at the same time. Also, attendees do not get distracted by phones or computers so this keeps the meeting more focused. You will soon see that the meetings become much more effective and shorter at the same time. Since you spend less time in meetings, you will have more time to do real work.
  • Stop Whining and Start Doing: Whether you have a problem that you want to solve or just a new idea that you think would be cool implementing, then, don’t just talk about it and start working on it. Write a report, draw a business model, make a presentation or build a prototype about it. If you have materials to show to others, then others can take you more seriously and start giving you their supports. Otherwise, no one remembers your idea at the end of the day, if you just talk about it without any supporting documents.
  • Make Brainstorming Gatherings: Gather a group of coworkers especially the ones you trust and feel comfortable with and brainstorm the issues that you feel needs to be solved or improved. Encourage each other to try out new things and contribute to each other’s ideas. In this way, you can get inspired from each other and innovate.
  • Start Small: You don’t need to make a big innovation from the beginning. Start with small projects that you think will add up eventually and make a difference. Small projects finish more quickly and therefore, you can get success and the appreciation of your coworkers faster. For example; you can start innovating your meetings first. As you achieve these small scale projects, maybe you can start getting into bigger ones without hassle. Ones people see that you are delivering, they will trust in you more and let you work on bigger scale projects.

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