What Brandfolder Learned in 2015


First, some house cleaning: it’s 2016. If your Digital Asset Management (DAM) strategy is not 100% cloud-based, you’re doing it wrong.

It’s high time we stop wasting valuable resources on server-based, on-premise software. If you’re a large enterprise organization that values security above all, then I’m talking to you. Amazon’s cloud-based data hosting facilities are the most secure in the world, proving that today’s cloud security trumps anything you can do in your “server closet.”

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here are a few reflections I’d like to share about the past year.

The Problem With Old DAM

In 2015, Brandfolder arrived.

Ask Widen, Bynder, WebDam, and Asset Bank. They’ll tell you that there’s a new sheriff in the Digital Asset Management space. Never heard of these companies?

Don’t worry, nobody has heard of them.

DAM, as it stands today, is a convoluted space full of poorly contrived solutions. Vendors in the space are either scrambling to move outdated server-based software to the cloud, or they are overcomplicating the market with feature stacks that confuse users and buyers alike.

Companies that use homegrown solutions to resolve the problem often fail, because the typical solutions they offer are bulky, expensive, and neglect to take advantage of Web 2.0 technology.

Enter Brandfolder’s Cloud-Based Solution

Our growing list of over 3,500 brands enjoys a powerfully simple solution to the complicated problem of managing and distributing thousands of digital brand assets.

By focusing the entirety of our solution on the user experience, we’ve built a different kind of platform.

Just ask our users about Brandfolder—they’ll tell you how they deployed our platform at a fraction of the time and cost of the old guard. In 2015, we added features like collections, brand dashboard, and a new API.

We now scale to work with some of the most recognizable brands on earth: OpenTable, The St. Louis Rams, Sears, and L’Oréal—just to name a few.

The Future of the DAM Industry

In 2016, our focus continues to be on becoming the first end-to-end brand operating system. Central to this strategy is our integration focus.

The Brandfolder API supports integrations with CMS solutions like Box, as well as marketing automation tools like Marketo, and CRM platforms like Salesforce. Brandfolder compliments your entire marketing technology stack by ensuring brand assets are always accessible and used correctly.

As you begin to evaluate your cloud-based DAM strategy, don’t fall into the old trap of long implementation cycles, expensive upfront costs, and overcomplicated feature stacks.

Watch your life become easier, make your users happy, and join us.

Strong brands live here.

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