Here Are the 7 Apps Modern Santa Uses to Make Christmas Happen


We’re all familiar with the legend of the jolly bearded guy.

But here’s something you may not have considered: how would Santa’s story change if he had a cell phone?

In an effort to tip our hats (or stockings) to the apps we use daily, we reimagined how modern Santa would use technology to make Christmas happen.

We’ve poked fun at seven real apps we love — see if you can guess them as you follow along!

1. Hoofsuite

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When social media debuted, Santa admittedly had a hard time understanding how to tweet, post, and like.

Much to the relief of millennials everywhere, Santa is now a self-taught social media mastermind. Modern Santa especially enjoys using social media to share his unique appreciation for delicious food. He’s been known to order his eggnog in a classy-looking glass so he can take meaningful, artistic photos of it and post to “Insantagram.”

“I recently wrote a blog post where Mrs. Claus and I share our gluten-free gingerbread cookie recipe. Hoofsuite lets me schedule tweets about my recipes, so I can grow my community even when I’m busy delivering presents.” — Santa

2. Slaze

Depend on Slaze to navigate your sleighs.

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Like most drivers on planet earth, Santa needs help navigating through traffic.

While there aren’t any other sleighs cruising around during christmas, the night sky poses dozens of more serious, unexpected hazards. From blinding holiday laser lights to drones gone astray, the troposphere is practically a minefield for St. Nick’s team and their sleigh.

Thanks to Slaze, modern Santa can easily avoid these dangers while safely navigating to children’s homes.

“Without Slaze, we would have flown off track, or even worse — I don’t even like thinking about it — we could have all been lased.” — Comet

3. Chatsmas

To keep the warmth of love in your heart, wherever you are.

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Santa’s yearly journey is an arduous one, and there’s no doubt he sometimes gets lonely.

Luckily, Chatsmas makes it easy to stay in touch with Mrs. Claus. The two turtle doves happily exchange christmas emojis, video clips, and loving messages throughout the day.

Chatsmas has been especially helpful for communicating with the elves and making sure everything’s going smoothly back in the North Pole.

“I enjoy using Chatsmas because I can easily send Mr. Claus selfies while he’s on the road… it really keeps things interesting for us.” — Mrs. Claus

4. Ruber

A convenient neighborhood reindeer, whenever you need one.

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Santa’s sleigh would be nothing but a stranded ship on shore without his posse of reindeer.

The reindeer have flexible work hours and generous vacation days, making it easier to juggle their personal and work lives. However, since there are only a few reindeer on earth who can actually fly, the animals are in high demand.

No matter where modern Santa is, he can open up his Ruber app and find a reliable ride in just a matter of minutes.

“Ruber makes it easy for me to supplement my income, and I know it helps keep the children of the world happy. For me, it’s really a two-way street.“ –Rudolph

5. Jingle

Stream Jingle Bells straight from the North Pole.

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What would Christmas be without music?

Modern Santa relies on Jingle to access all of his favorite tunes while cruising at high altitude. Thanks to Jingle’s shareable playlist feature, Santa can listen to the same songs as the elves in the workshop.

“Christmas classics like Jingle Bells and Let it Snow are always our go-to. We’re also big fans of “I Can’t Feel My Face” because it’s something we can really relate to, and we love dancing to Hotline Bling.” –Dancer, speaking on behalf of all Santa’s reindeer

6. Elfsy

The classroom and marketplace for everything elf-made.

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Santa’s elves are always eager to expand their craftsmanship skills.

To learn how to make the hottest toys of 2016, the elves stream Elfsy how-to videos on every TV in the workshop. After the elves successfully learned how to make a BB8, modern Santa granted everyone in the workshop permission to dress like Chewbacca for a day.

To keep up with popular demand, and provide children with toys that are both unsafe and impractical, the elves also learned how to make hoverboards this year.

*“ I like Elfsy because it helps us build toys that make everyone smile. Santa is happy, and there are no angry elves.” * –Buddy the Elf

7. Brandfolder

The reliable tool for storing, sharing and showcasing Santa’s official brand.

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Let’s be real — Santa’s a pretty popular guy, and he’s got a reputation to uphold.

To make sure everyone is using his brand the right way, Santa depends on Brandfolder. With all the other Santas out there (looking at you, Fashion Santa) he’s got to make sure he’s being impersonated accurately.

That’s why Santa uses his Brandfolder as a go-to source for storing and sharing important files such as his Christmas cookie recipe, and images of all his reindeer staff. He also relies on his Brandfolder for sharing official colors, fonts, and press.

“All eyes are on me. I’m like the hottest Santa, ever. I use the official Santa Brandfolder to make sure everything I mimic is something he actually wears (or has).“ –Sexy Toronto Santa

Interested in Santa’s brand? View the official Santa Brandfolder now!

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