10 Logo Redesigns to Inspire Your Next Branding Project


Are you considering a logo update?

Do you have a thorough understanding of current color and design trends?

From rebranding your entire company to brainstorming for a client identity project, it’s important to be aware of the latest trends in logo design. To help keep you updated and to inspire you, here are 10 of our favorite recent logo redesigns.

1. Asana

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Asana’s new logo represents one of the most praised rebrands of 2015. In addition to adopting a colorful and approachable visual identity, the project management tool redesigned their entire product interface. This logo redesign breaks through the stereotype of traditional software brands and proves that core brand elements can play an important role in how a software’s identity is perceived.

2. Celestial Seasonings

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This classic tea company was long overdue for a new identity. With a simplified logo and a clean, updated word mark, the new logo definitely delivers. The simplicity of Celestial Seasonings’ new logo perfectly balances with the whimsical illustrations adorning their packaging designs, making for a look that is quite stunning overall.

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3. Medium

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This publishing platform is known for being extremely minimalist and letting user content shine. The new identity stays aligned with this mission while adding a splash of green color. The connected sections of Medium’s green “M” are meant to represent writing, and the flow of thoughts between people.

4. Bing

The Stockpile October 2015-25-Cropped-1200x675

As the second most popular search engine behind Google, Bing has a lot at stake when launching a new logo. The new mark doesn’t stray too far away from the old logo, with a capital B and a slightly slimmer icon. While this logo is really more of a refresh than a redesign, the green is a smart choice.

5. MapQuest

The Stockpile October 2015-25-Cropped-1200x675

This 20-year-old mapping company has no issues when it comes to brand awareness. When MapQuest rebranded last fall, they were able to switch up their color scheme and offer an entirely different visual identity. Their versatile new logo is part of a modern, black and white identity that focuses on high-quality lifestyle photography.

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6. Stubhub

The Stockpile October 2015-25-Cropped-1200x675

StubHub is one of the biggest ticket marketplaces on the web today. The company’s new logo is a strong example of logo evolution and progressive reduction. The exclamation points on Stubhub’s first logo was comprised of two tickets, helping inform consumers what the brand was about. Now that StubHub’s brand name is well known, they’re able to strip away this imagery and opt for a minimalist look.

7. Fitbit

The Stockpile October 2015-25-Cropped-1200x675

Fitbit’s streamlined new logo helps the company grab even greater attention in the wearable fitness marketplace. The old logo had a more streamlined typeface that represented the idea of being slim, fit and active. However, the new logo has a more polished appearance and makes the Fitbit brand appear more confident.

8. Google Ventures

The Stockpile October 2015-25-Cropped-1200x675

As part of Google’s new alphabet brand structure, Google Ventures adopted a fresh logo that’s equal parts elegant and edgy. This new identity could be an attempt to change public perception of the company to GV, but only time will tell if this new acronym catches on.

9. National Archives

The Stockpile October 2015-25-Cropped-1200x675

This patriotic logo is actually the result of a college assignment. An honors class in identity design at the School of Visual Arts tasked their students with a logo contest for the National Archives. The red, white and blue color elements create negative space in the shape of a star, portraying just the right amount of American pride.

10. Johnnie Walker

The Stockpile October 2015-25-Cropped-1200x675

This scotch whiskey has all the essential elements of an iconic brand, including a recognizable logo and a strong band of brand loyalists. The updated striding man has more definition and detail compared to the previous one. Overall, the streamlined look successfully infuses a youthful personality into an iconic, century-old brand.

Whether you’re refreshing your logo or updating an entire brand identity, determining the success of a rebrand can be difficult. To make the process easier, we’ve put together a handy eBook that provides 15 actionable tips for evaluating your rebrand. Click below to get started!

The Stockpile October 2015-25-Cropped-1200x675

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