Beer Me That eBook! How to Set Your Brewery Apart in a Saturated Market


Are you a small business owner? If you are one of the 4,000+ people currently operating a craft brewery in the United States, you probably fall into that category. You left a day job, raised funding, made the investment, and have come out on the other side with a business you’re passionate about. But once you open the doors, that’s when the real work begins. You’ve built a brewery, now you have to build a brand, and chances are, that’s not something you’ve done before. That’s where this eBook can help — by sharing strategies for telling your brand story, with tested strategies from industry pros.

“From New Belgium’s bike to Great Divide’s Yeti, today’s successful breweries have a unique story to tell. Two guys brewing beer is a garage just doesn’t cut it anymore.”
Matt Neren, Account Service Director at Cultivator Advertising & Design

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Brewery Marketing is More Essential Than Ever

Why is your brand so important? It’s your product’s first impression. And in a market that’s as crowded as craft beer, you’re first impression better be a good one.

So where do you start and what’s your roadmap for brand growth? We’re glad you asked. Brandfolder has carved out a special niche in the craft beer industry. We serve as a Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform for some of the biggest names in craft beer. And they seem to think that DAM is a huge player in not only building their brands, but in growing distribution as well.

“These days, the market is all about variety, choice, and change…The market is going to segment you, but you’ve got to find a way to segment the marketplace and stay sticky.”
Devin Otto Kimble, owner of Hong Kong Beer Co.

How Are the Experts Setting Their Brands Apart?

To answer that question fully, we called on a few of our friends at Upslope, Hong Kong Beer Co., and Cultivator Advertising & Design, experts in brewery branding. In this eBook, they share their tried-and-true strategies for building a successful brewery brand and one that stands out in a crowded market. In this free eBook, you’ll learn:

  1. How to Find Your Audience (An interview with Upslope Brewing Co.)
  2. How to Expand into New Channels
  3. How to Build Relationships with Distributors as You Scale (An interview with Cultivator Advertising & Design)
  4. How to Reposition Your Brand Message (An interview with Hong Kong Beer Co.)
  5. Conclusion and Key Takeaways

“The way we appear to who we work with is always important to me…That speaks to the high quality of our brand.”
Katie Hill, Marketing Manager at Upslope Brewing Co.

It’s Not Enough to Make Good Beer

In today’s craft beer market, it’s not enough to make good beer. How you tell the story of your beer, and the brand advocates you earn along the way, are keys to a long-lasting and well-loved business. Download the eBook today and get tried-and-true advice on how to make your brand stand out in a saturated market.

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