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A branded website is just the start to building a great audience for your personal brand. Once a visitor comes to your landing page you need to capture their attention in order to convert these leads into sales. But if you are not reaching the right audience you’re not generating enough targeted prospects.

How does a personal brand attract the right visitors for better conversions? The method is simple once you apply the right market research as to exactly who your audience is. This includes knowing the right content that applies to your niche, and staying on top of the latest trends.

With a clear target market focus your personal brand can attract more website visitors who will become loyal customers.

How to attract interested buyers to your website

Here are several ways to effectively build your personal brand online.

  • Write attractive headlines – Subject lines that are unique, specific, urgent and useful gain the most attention, especially on mobile. Use a good headline checker to test out your ideas. Offer your visitors a promise that catches their attention and matches what they have been searching for. In doing so you will compel them to want them to know more about how your brand can help them in a way that is not being offered by the competition.
  • Connect with your audience in a personal way – Write content that keeps your prospects interested and tells the reason of why you’re producing products or services. The could take the form of a video or powerful image, and describes what is unique to your business and how you can best serve your customers.
  • Be the answer they are looking for – Remember that you are selling solutions, not features, and you want your offer to communicate the benefits of what your brand has to offer. If you want to attract more interested buyers be sure that you are offering high value in exchange for their time and attention. This will help greatly increase your conversion rates and return buyers later.
  • Create a separate lead generation page – Create a simple lead magnet to include on your website, in your email marketing and on social media to increase the conversions. These lead or sales pages are designed to walk your prospects through the process of finding out more about what you have to offer them quickly and easily with email integration.

Your personal brand’s website should be a place where visitors know exactly what your brand can offer them, and find your content that best meets their needs. When it comes to proper content optimization and social media engagement for your target market you can not only attract more leads, but grow your brand influence in multiple platforms.

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