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Today building a personal brand is more about how people can relate to you on their level. In order to create new leads for your business it is important to recognize that building trust comes through powerful storytelling techniques.

How can your personal brand connect with your community in an authentic way? Through creating a brand story that will make them want to spread the word and make a purchase from your company. Sharing content is not enough to hold people’s attention any more, and with a little effort and target market research you can reach out to your brand followers and create loyal ambassadors.

Online marketing is successful when you are meeting the needs of others, and presenting a message that is relatable and compelling. There are several ways to attract followers to your personal brand with a powerful story.

Steps to Building Effective Storytelling for Your Brand

Creating a visual that shows the personal side of your personal brand starts with a great storyline and backstory. Use these steps today to create a memorable message:

  • Solve the problem – A powerful beginning to your content will draw your viewers into a video or blog post — the setup of the main point or issue should follow. In the conclusion show your audience how your brand can meet their needs over other businesses. These elements are vital if you want to form an emotional connection with your viewers or readers and hold their interest.
  • Create a valuable offer – A strong sales message will generate an interest to subscribe for more information or to make a purchase. Use social media and email marketing techniques to invite your audience to follow your brand, and continue where you left off in your story with valuable offers.
  • Generate sales in the nurturing phase – Compelling content is perceived as real and honest instead of selling to people at the moment they find your brand. Use verifiable facts and the parameters of your market while taking a look at what other brands are doing that is similar to your message. Follow this model to create something unique for your target market.

Storytelling for your personal brand is a great way to connect more with your leads and customers. Entice your market with creative stories that have verified facts and information, and that strongly represent your company’s message.

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