Brandfolder’s New Year’s Resolution to You


Happy 2017, DAM lovers! Did you make a New Year’s resolution? Did your company make some? Well, here at Brandfolder, we made a pretty important resolution: This year’s we’re focusing on our “why.”

Poster that says Ask more questions

What exactly does that mean? As we were putting together our content strategy for the new year, we went back and read this forever-valuable post from Joe Pulizzi and the team over at Content Marketing Institute. In it, Professor Marc Resnick from Bentley University asks:

Which would energize me (or anyone) more as a creative business professional?

  1. Creating content that has the primary purpose of driving the sales pipeline and a secondary purpose of improving the life of my user.
  2. Creating content that has the primary purpose of improving the life of my user and a secondary purpose of driving the sales pipeline.

We took a moment to ask ourselves if we are currently providing content that improves the lives of our users (hopefully, that’s you!). The answer was, “well, kinda.” For the past several years, we’ve been sharing content that hits on design trends, marketing topics, and what Brandfolder does. All that is great (and you really seemed to like some of it), but we’ll be shifting away from that content model for three reasons:

  1. There are already a lot of great blogs you can turn to for design advice. We particularly love InVision, AIGA’s Eye on Design, and Under Consideration’s Brand New.

  2. The number of great marketing blogs is…well…where do we even begin? We’ve already named CMI as one of our favs, but we’re also huge fans of (and contributors to) Hubspot’s marketing blog. KISSmetrics is also a must-read.

  3. The one thing the internet doesn’t have? A comprehensive resource on what Digital Asset Management is, and how it can and should be used. You’ll find articles talking at you about how one DAM platform is better than another, but no one’s focused on the thousand reasons why DAM, any DAM, will make your work life easier, better, and more rewarding. We aim to be that resource for you in 2017.

We know our “what.” Brandfolder is the world’s simplest Digital Asset Management solution for storing, sharing, and showcasing your brand assets. This blog will serve as our platform for communicating our “why.” Why DAM should be easy. Why DAM is an absolutely crucial part of your marketing stack in 2017. And yes (occasionally), why Brandfolder is the best DAM on the market.

So buckle up, martech nerds! We’re going to be using this space to break down how DAM can help you keep up with the latest trends in the marketing and design world. We’ll show you how to optimize your DAM, use it more broadly, and get more bang for your buck. And we’re going to be answering your questions and sharing stories from how some of the largest corporations in the world are using DAM to revolutionize their brands. We plan on being your one-stop shop for DAM knowledge and we’re starting today.

Thanks for being on this ride with us. As fired up as we are? Probably not! But if you’re ready to start learning how DAM can keep you at the top of your game, check out our eBook on putting together a killer video marketing strategy (one of the buzziest marketing trends already this year). Click the banner below to download and get going.

We nailed down our “why,” what’s yours? For more, check out the video below.

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