3 Scary Things That Happen When You Don’t Have a DAM


Happy Halloween! To all of our creatives and marketers out there — you made it! You’ve spent the last several weeks cramming ghosts and pumpkins into your email designs, subject lines, and blog posts (guilty). Your reward for this spooktacular work? Starting tomorrow, you get to turn every ounce of your attention towards Black Friday (or #OptOutside) until you wake up in January feeling like a tinsel-fueled Mack Truck hit you. But hey, as marketers, we signed up for the big holiday push, right?

Well, just for today. Sit back, enjoy the gourds and ghouls of your labor, and check out this roundup of three things scarier than the season premiere of The Walking Dead that happen when you don’t have a DAM.

1. Stretching and Pixels

Does this sound familiar? You’ve dedicated hours to finishing a perfectly branded PowerPoint presentation, only to upload your company logo, or maybe even a company video, and not have it render properly.


It’s grainy, it’s stretched, and it’s definitely not on brand. You could spend time trying to format it just right (spoiler alert: you’ll never get it quite right) or you could email around and see if anyone can get you the right file format — but that takes time too.

A Digital Asset Management platform like Brandfolder, however, gives you immediate access to the correctly formatted and sized images and videos you need ( and it’s much faster than waiting for Barb in design to get back to you with the right assets).

2. Sharing Permissions

We’ve all been there. You’re working against a tight deadline (or maybe you procrastinated a little too long) and don’t have the assets you need to finish a project. You’ve sent out those asset email requests and blessedly received responses back at 4:59 PM on Friday afternoon. But when you open them, you see the dreaded “You Do Not Have Access to This File.”


Yes, you’ve been hit with incorrect permissions and there’s nothing you can do about it until Monday morning, or later if your contact is out on a three-week cruise of the Maldives. Instead of suffering quietly, a DAM would allow you to access the assets you need whenever, wherever you need them.

Of course, user permissions can be altered based on roles and need, but when your DAM is implemented, all of those settings can be altered at once, making it easy for you and your colleagues to access the right assets at the right time — which is sometimes on Fridays at 4:59 PM.

3. “Can You Share Me on That _____?” Emails

Depending on your role, you may get these emails more than your colleagues. Whether they roll in from press contacts, partners, or other departments, they can take valuable time away from more important tasks. You know them well. They go a little something like “hey, can you share me on that ?”


Instead of wringing your hands and gnashing your teeth every time Bill in BizDev requests your updated company logo, get a DAM and tell Bill where to go … to get that logo. A DAM can save you valuable time, over 60 hours annually, searching for the right assets. Can you think of a few things you could check off your to-do list with those extra 60 hours? We sure can.

With one-click sharing, you can get the assets your colleagues and press contacts need to create cohesive, on-brand collateral. As Brandfolder client and Hong Kong Beer Co. owner Devin Otto Kimble says, “If we keep sending them [press contacts] a certain logo or image, we’re going to keep seeing the same logo and image in every story that’s done about us. With Brandfolder, we send the media there and let them choose which of our approved assets they use. That way, we get a fresh visual story told about us each time.”

Want to learn more about how Brandfolder can help keep your assets organized, formatted, and easily accessible? Click the banner below to get a free quote. Or click here for our ROI calculator, to find out exactly how much your company could save with Brandfolder. Oh, and Happy Halloween!

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