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UPDATE: 2018 State of DAM Now Available

How is the state of DAM in 2017? Well, it’s good! 2016 was a huge year for Digital Asset Management (DAM). CMI named DAM “one of the hottest subjects in content marketing this year,” and MarketingProfs said “DAM is rapidly becoming a necessity in the world of photographers, graphic designers, marketing teams, website developers, and PR personnel.” 

It was also a huge year for DAM innovation. From templating offerings to analytics expansion, and an industry-wide focus on video capabilities, digital asset management platforms have never been more competitive, or more comprehensive.

State of DAM PDF

Now more than ever, it’s important to understand who’s using DAM, why they’re using it, and what they need from it. That’s what this report defines, and we’re happy to present our State of DAM findings for the second year in a row. With a 40% increase in survey participation from 2016, it’s clear that the number of marketers relying on DAM is increasing and, along with it, the needs of users are becoming increasingly complex and nuanced.

Chart displaying the biggest challenges of managing digital assetsVia the State of DAM Report, 2017

So how does the DAM community meet those needs? The responses in this survey lead us to believe the answer to that question is through the creation of more targeted features. Today’s DAM users don’t want feature overload. They’re looking for a DAM that meets their needs and integrates with tools they’re already using on a daily basis, including Adobe, Slack, and Microsoft.

The 2017 State of DAM Report Will Cover:

  1. Who took the survey
  2. What brand management means to marketers in 2017
  3. How creatives are approaching asset storage
  4. Why companies don’t have DAM
  5. What Brandfolder users think about their software
  6. Looking forward to DAM in 2018 and beyond

We have our jobs cut out for us in 2017. The competition is high, the bar is higher, and the need for DAM is still largely untapped. We look forward to seeing how fast this growing field evolves over what is sure to be the most exciting year yet for digital asset management.

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